In Way Over My Head With No Exit In Sight

I have been a submissive pansy to my wife now for about 8 years. At first I could handle the humiliation and the fact she was sleeping around. We both knew I was louse in bed. Not to much in the male department. At least not enough for her. In the beginning of our marriage 23 years ago, all seemed just fine. It was around 9 years ago when I started noticing a change. The humiliation towards me started and I guessed rightly that she was having an affair. Later to find out it wasn't an affair but sleeping with multiple men. I knew she needed satisfaction I couldn't give her and besides being displeased with me in the bedroom, all else seemed like a good marriage. We had and raised our daughter together and enjoyed our family times. She would humiliate me with her words when we were alone so not shared with others. Her digressions were kept secret as far as I knew at that time. Just her and I. I thought that because she assured me it was just between the two of us.

We led the family life like anyone I guess. While our daughter spent most of her family time with her mother I guess I tried to put value into our relationship by buying her the branded products she wanted in her teens, She always seemed appreciative of my attention. I think she could tell that I was submissive to her mother simply because I would always agree to whatever she said. If our daughter wanted something and her mother said no, she would always come to dad and ask. I would always say, what did your mother say and then agree with her. I guess I was spineless.

My big change started when our daughter was just going on 17. One evening she came into the living room and announced that Jimmy was coming by to visit. I asked where is Tom, her boyfriend. She replied that he was home and that she told she was staying home this evening. Thus the reason Jimmy was coming over. 30 minutes later the door bell rang and Jimmy was let in. Our daughter gave him a pretty tight hug and with her arm around his waist, started for the stairs that led to the bedrooms. I asked just where they thought they were going? Her answer was short and to the point. We're going to my bedroom to **, do you mind, was her reply. WTF I thought. I did mind. My wife then interjected, let them be. She's a big girl now and doesn't need some little ** guy telling her what she can and can't do. I just melted into myself. They went up the stairs and I just looked at my wife who had just humiliated me in front of our own daughter and some unknown guy.

I asked my wife how she could do that to me/ She then informed me how our daughter has known about my shortcomings and how her mother needs to go outside the family just to get laid, She added that I should just get used to having another strong female in the house and how I better never get in either of our way. She told me that in this house, I am but the male in the house and have no say in anything. That I will do as I am told and not complain. The meek person I am just replied, yes mam. She then went into a speech about how worthless I really am and how I have no choice. My role was to go to work, take care of the house, and play the happy husband. I listened to my wife while I could hear my daughter moaning and yelling nasty things right above my head.

I sat staring at the wall. There was nothing I could do or say any more. I knew that while once being controlled by my wife, I was now going to be controlled by both females in the home. That is exactly how it went. That first night when our daughter was finished with Jimmy they both came down the stairs. His clothes were a mess but not hers. They couldn't be since she came down to the same room I was in fully naked. I couldn't help but look at her. I mean that was the first time I seen my daughters body in maybe 12 or 13 years before any development took place. She looked right at me and asked what the ** i was staring at? I said sorry and looked away. She gave jimmy a deep kiss at the door and said see you again sometime. Then went upstairs to her room to shower. Her mother said nothing and acted like all was just normal.

Actually, it became to normal. After 6 years of our daughter first night, she and her mother have taken complete control of me. My daughter still brings home unknown and known males and doesn't mind who hears or sees for that matter. She doesn't even bother to close her bedroom door. I think she hope i will walk by so she can ridicule me later about spying on her. He mother no longer has relations with others out side the home. She brings them home many times now. It doesn't matter which female is having ** in the home, one or the other and sometimes as a team will humiliate me in front of their dates. My daughter even once threw me a pair of women's ** and said i should wear them since I was such a **. The boy just laughed. I didn't wear them. I thought about it and almost did but didn't in the end. My wife keeps offering me for ** ** to her guys but never follows through thank heavens. I know deep down that if she demanded, I would have given in and I fear the day she decides to really have it done. The worst is when my daughter humiliates me and demands I show my little ** so they can get a good laugh. I normally do as told and show it. They laugh, ridicule it, and go their way. I am totally at their mercy.

While i want out, I don't dare. No matter what they need me if there was no income coming in. I guess i swore to take care of them and it is my obligation so I stay. I mean, it's only words and some laughing.

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  • Do you truly believe you're "taking care" of them by allowing yourself to be completely disrespected and humiliated on a constant basis? Do you expect to win them over this way when clearly the disrespect continues to extend towards no boundaries whatsoever? There is a book called, "The Disease To Please". I'd advise you to read that and begin taking control of your life. You don't deserve to be treated that way and I'm sorry you lack the confidence and love of yourself to put up with that. Your wife doesn't love you and obviously no longer wants to stay in a covenant marriage only giving herself to you so if you can't work out your marriage with counseling etc, it's been time to let that go. Your daughter is only doing what her mother is showing as an example. It's never too late to get her to know her place no matter what verbal abuse comes out her mouth. Stop living inferior to your family. YOU ARE THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD! Take back your role!

  • You should be cleaning the d**** of the boys and men after they f*** your wife and daughter. It is the least your could do. You should clean them with your mouth. and thank them. Also ask permission to ** the c** from your daughter and wife . The teenage boys who do your daughter will get a big kick out of being mouth cleaned by the girl's father.

  • I can’t believe it. I am “Jimmy”. For real! I was startled as you were but I needed the ** more than I hated how they spoke to you. If you were a real man you’d leave but you’re not.

  • I hope you can circle back and further humiliate him - it needs to go public

  • Thank you for sharing the details of your descent into humiliation and total submission. As another aging white male, I have witnessed how society has turned us into hapless, servile beings who say yes to every indignity for fear of any negative consequences. Let me predict that you will not opt out, but instead obey every whim of these dominant ladies. In time, that will include performing all household duties for them as well as **-on-demand for their many men. You will need to feminize yourself so those men can feel like they are just getting more “**”. Looking forward to your next update

  • This is seriously pathetic. You need to get out or grow some **.

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