You got lucky!

Saw a post about a guy who got f***** in the ass while his girlfriend watched. He was embarrassed because his d*** got hard during the encounter.
Well let me just say you were lucky and I am glad you enjoyed it.
In my case it was not so nice and definitely no hot chick there to make it kinky. Imagine being one of only three white guys in a prison pod made up of twenty inmates. A few latino's but give it 3/4 black. Basically the choice was, be a b**** and put out, or get beat up daily. And for you liberal idiots who say "just speak up". You have never been there! The real world does not work that way.
My first time was in the middle of the night in a dimly lit cell. Face down in a bunk with a large black guy shoving a d*** that looked like a red bull can up my ass as he kept telling me to be quiet. I buried my face in a pillow and took it. No my d*** didn't get hard, I think it shrunk up and went inside.
After the first time he broke me in he not only f***** me daily but he passed me around to other guys.
Eventually yes I learned to take it and get some pleasure out of it. I would jack myself off while getting f*****.
I never quite got used to sucking d*** though. There was one specific prison guard who liked watching guys give blow jobs. When he did his hourly checks at night he would sometimes stop at our cell and give my cell mate the go ahead. I would get on my knees in the middle of the cell and have my mouth and throat abused just so the guard could watch. The move violent it was the more he enjoyed it. Of course my cell mate was happy to do it.
So don't be embarrassed, keep the girl and enjoy it.

Apr 8

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  • It is perfectly natural to get an erection when receiving a*** in a "pleasure" situation. Heck once with a very special guy not only did I get hard, I had an o***** without touching myself. And the above guy is right, it can be the total opposite. My first time was in the backseat of a car with another teenage boy and I didn't enjoy it. He didn't take his time and just rammed his d*** in me. It hurt like h*** and either he didn't care or he thought my wiggling and screaming were signs I liked it. He just pounded away until he got off. I didn't get hard and didn't enjoy it.

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