My wife’s ex put me in my place

My wife and I didn’t date in high school. I tried to get with her, and started calling her. There was a guy on the football team who used to bully me. When he found out I liked her, he got in my face and told me to back off because he wanted her. I don’t consider myself a coward, but I just froze and didn’t know what to do. He was known for being a kind of aggressive guy. He would pants other guys in the locker room and make fun of their small d**** and then threaten to beat them up if they got mad. He did get in one or two fights over it, and I never saw him lose. I was so intimidated I just said “ok” and he walked away. He ended up dating her and being her first make out session. Although they did not have s**, she did see his p**** and she told me it was on the large side. For comparison I am 4.75” hard. With all this being said; I married her 10 years later. While we were engaged he texted her and said he wants her to sit on his face. I just ignored it. I ended up confessing to her that he was the only person who ever put me in my place. She knows it makes me hard so she uses him to tease me sometimes. It’s intense because it’s rooted in a true story. So my wife knows that her ex bf made me feel like a little b****.

Apr 8

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  • It sounds like you have a cuckold/humiliation fetish. It turns you on because you've sexualized your fear....of him stealing her away since he's bigger down there and more masculine.
    If she would have married him, he'd likely abuse her.

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