Addicts deserve to be shot like dogs

None of them are without sin. They are all wastes of life. They would have been an addict no matter their life circumstances. They are inherently terrible people. Plenty of people are abused, have terrible lives, live in poverty or worse than what we in the west call "poverty" without turning to drink or drugs. but they don't care. They don't care that everyone around them is hurt by their insanity, they don't care that they are killing themselves, and they don't care about anything but getting their next fix.

If you know a waste of life addict who takes mind altering substances, make sure they feel awful. Make sure their lives are nothing but h*** and suffering, because that's what they do to literally everyone else without giving a single f***. And then, when they cry that you've been so terrible to them, just f****** put them down like the inconsequential rats they are.

Apr 9

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  • F*** your mindset. Where's your compassion? Are you even trying to help the people you are demonizing? Be a better person. Just dont go around all high and mighty like your life is perfect. Helpvor get out the way. At this point what youve said about those who have addictions PERTAINS TO YOU TOO. Get help. Make a difference. Educate others.

  • I hate them too. They destroy everything and everyone they touch.

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