True Sister Wives

I met my husband in college and we got married after graduation. I am the eldest daughter and my parents invited everyone that we barely knew. It was a big wedding and they rented the conference hall at the Ramada Inn. On my wedding day my younger sister disappeared. She was one of my bridesmaids. She wasn't at my parent's house and no one had seen her leave.

On the way to the church where I was going to get dressed we stopped at the hotel where the reception was going to be looking for her, my then fiancé was staying at the hotel and I knocked on the door and found my sister naked in the bed, and he was naked too with a shirt covering his p****. I called him every word I could think of and screamed at my sister that we needed to be in the church and he said that he had to finish with her first and he got on her and had complete intercourse with her including e********** inside her. When he finished and pushed himself off he kissed her very h****** her c******* and triggered an o***** in her.

She was still flushed when I got her dressed, I had to make up her hair again, walk down the isle knowing that my sister may very well have his child before I did, stand at the altar and hear him swear his vows turning to look at her and hear her say "I do" when I was asked if I accepted him as my husband.

We cut our honeymoon short because he was anxious to get back to her. He took her again in the bed at the hotel, this time calling her his little woman and how he wanted her. My sister finished high school and moved in with us right after graduation. She and I became pregnant the same month. I stayed home to take care of the babies while she went to college. Three years later I had my second and two years after that she had her second.

We have lived together going on 45 years. Sister wives in every sense of the word. She sleeps beside him between us where he can hold her against him. She continues to be his little woman and she is his favorite. She and I have a big sister little sister relationship. Our parents didn't ever come to accept it, they tolerated it because there is nothing else they could do. I learned to be comfortable with intimacy in a shared bed, and her intimacy has always been primary on my mind. For her to feel complete, delivering herself and her heart and soul. When she is content I'm content. When I have intimacy she is beside me and she holds my hand.

She is my little sister and I can't imagine a life not having had her so close me.

Apr 12

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  • I wonder if you have been tempted to f*** your little sister ?

  • I’m a woman. How would I f*** my “little sister”. I’m not into strap ons

    But we do enjoy a little girl on girl time :)

  • Great story, but you should make sure your hubby fulfills your needs as well

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