I have been enabling my girlfriend's horrible habits for years!

I have been manipulating and enabling my girlfriend. She has no self control, and I have taken full advantage. She used to be a very thin girl in high school, but she always had a sweet tooth and loved junk food.

Once we moved in together I started bringing her more and more food to eat, she enjoyed being a glutton and eating everything I put in front of her. Over the years, she has started to balloon, and people no longer recognize her as the same girl. She now weighs about 325 pounds, and I only want to make her bigger.

I have stayed fit and regularly work out. It is doubly satisfying to simultaneously maintain my physique while completely ruining my girlfriend's figure. The looks of shock or disgust I get when showing off my girlfriend in public make everything worthwhile.

What do you think?

Apr 14

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  • Feeding and being fed are such basic, necessary activities but they can take on all manner of emotional dimensions. Her personality is submissive to temptation by fattening food. Any resistance to that temptation is swept away by your dominant, controlling alpha male behavior which frees her to fully indulge regardless of weight gain. You derive pleasure from realizing that she will endure humiliation from everyone else in order to be the pig she knows you want her to be. Greater and greater feedings will be needed to satisfy her hunger. You can bring this to a higher level by setting up an internet channel to document to progress of her weight gain and illustrate your feeding routines. Please let us know if you go that route so we can support your efforts.

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