Bathed in public

When I was young, just reaching double digits of age, I was sent on vacation to my grand aunt house in the country, everything was fine the first week or so, then there was a problem with water and grand aunt have me bathed in a tub in the backyard to use that water for clothing.

The backyard was not only shared with a neighboring house where a mother and her daughter near my age lived, and she actually started coming out early when she noticed I was naked, but the backyard was also open to the rural road, so from time to time some people passing by, men, women, teens, or children would have a clear view of my bathing naked in the backyard.

The worse time was when the neighbors got visit from some cousin (another girl) and they put an inflatable pool outside, grand aunt told me to go play with them, I asked for some shorts but she say don't be silly, so I was made to stay naked in the backyard for about 3 hours until after lunch.

Apr 14

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