My husband shared me with 3 boys who were younger than my son

We were on a vacation and stayed at a motel near the beach. I went to the beach while my husband excused himself and went away for some time when we finally met at dinner.
Right after dinner we head out to our motel room where I get drunk then we get a bang at the door.
Then I see 3 young dudes walk in, 2 of them were white while the other one was an asian. I ask him what's going on and he says it's a surprise. I didn't understand what he meant until he asked them to undress themselves.
I was on the bed laying over my stomach and my husband grabs my skirt and pulls it off stripping me to my lingerie. He signals them to walk to us and grabs the guy's hand and places over my butt.
I finally figured out these guys are going to get me tonight. I at least thought I could introduce myself to them, but my husband had instructed them to not to talk to me. Instead my husband handed me another shot of vodka.
After playing with my butt cheeks my husband helped them get rid of my remaining garments at stayed there to help the same guy to penetrate me.
I was still on my stomach and this guy laid over me and pumping in. The other white guy playing with my feet. After a few minutes the first guy c*** on my back and rolls beside me over his back and trying to touch my b******. The second guy wipes and takes the position but he did not get it. He calls my husband who was sitting on the other end of the bed, he raised my hips and poked his p**** inside and sat back again.
When he was done the first guy positioned himself again, my husband interrupted and pointed out to the Asian guy to come forward, but this guy was nervous so he asked me to help him out.
He was too nervous, so couldn't make it, the first guy grabbed me again. These guys recovered so fast everytime they took a turn.
I think it was midnight when they left the room and we still didn't introduce ourselves.
Next evening after lunch I get greeted by these 3 dudes and we all walk into our room.
We introduce ourselves and I find out that they are all computer sciences students.
I never realised that these guys were too young for me. We talked some time while I boozed to get comfortable. The Asian guy didn't consume alcohol.
I let the first guy take my clothes off and have s**, I blew the Asian guy until he was hard and I sat on him. Turns out the Asian guy and the second guy were virgins.
The rest of the evening they kept taking turns alternatively my husband bought us dinner and condoms.
They went on for the rest of the night. They asian guy was very friendly and talkative.
In the morning they took turns with me along with my husband, when he brought us burgers for breakfast.
The next 3 days I didn't even take a shower, I was stinking and sweating.
I was being partial to the asian boy just because he was being sweet to me.
I still have contact with the asian guy and my husband is looking forward to it.
I have never had so much s** in my life that I had in these few days, it was too much fun.

Apr 14

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  • Amazing lady 😘😘😘

  • What a lucky woman to take the virginity of two young men in one night.

    My husband made similar arrangements to celebrate our 25th anniversary. He arranged for 3 black young men (18-19 years old). All younger than our 3 children!!!

    He fulfilled my fantasies of have 3 men all at once and my desire for BBC.

    Little does my hubby know that I’ve continued relations which each of the young men individually and various combinations over the last year and a half

  • No need to tell hubby if it’s a secret till grave.

  • Yeah sure another one where the are all black and all have Giant d****...

  • Do you feel inadequate, darling?

  • Enjoy. We have only one life to live.

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