(23M) worked at a summer camp in middle school through high school and used to imagine the campers as if they were older if they'd be hot. Didn't molest them but was inappropriate with them and knew it was wrong. Would get erections if they sat on my lap but was confused and would usually push them off or sat them on the other leg. In middle school, never did homework assignments and always got 0s. Had parent access so parents would always yell at me for not doing the assignments. Tried to change the password so they couldn't see and got in trouble for that too. Around the same time molested my cousin. It started in middle school, so I was 12/13 and stopped at 15. Most of it happened when 13/14 because I was always at her house because of my dad's hospitalizations. It happened a lot, I knew what I was doing was wrong but kept doing it. Alot of my current behavior feels wrong, like you can take the boy out of the hood but not the hood out of the boy. Even doing "good" things feels wrong.

Apr 20

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  • I'm quite intrigued. Alfred Kinsey has looked deeply into the matter. According to Kinsley, if you wrap your hand around your privy member and roll it forward and back, it will grow stiff and quite large. I've never tried it before, and frankly, my dear aunt told me if I did so, it might fall off. I am ashamed to be a Pommie, but I have found solace in that Australia has no driving laws on the beaten paths.

  • You should kill yourself

  • I think you should go back to school and learn the basics because frankly, you suck.

  • What the f*** is wrong w you

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