My mouth got me in trouble but it also got me a man

During my teen years I got into using bad language. Sometimes quite descriptive and definitely not ladylike. I was always a fun person but do to an accident with a guy I was dating I was put on the shelf in my town. He died in a motorcycle accident. No one would date me. I went to nursing school and returned to my town to work at the hospital. I was 23 years old and my mother was proud. I had a mouth, and I had to check it at the hospital.

A man yelled at me about something with his relative and I took it seriously and told him that he had to shut up and leave until he controlled himself. The doctor on the floor, a man everyone in town knows, told me that I needed to cool my temper and I always had to defer the patient and their family, it was part of the job. I told him very strongly, if you can picture me standing up to a doctor, I didn't appreciate some stranger 'tearing me a new a******'.

That did it, he walked me down the hall to the bathroom and made me stand there and washed my mouth out with soap. A fifty year old man and a 23 year old nurse and I had a mouth full of soap and he gave me a lecture. Not becoming to a young woman, not professional, not showing respect to him, don't ever say that again. I was bent over the sink washing out my mouth and he trapped me from behind and told me I was too much woman for him to walk away from.

I lowered my scrubs and waited and he lowered his scrubs and in that bathroom with soap in my mouth he did what no man had done. I was now a woman. A real woman. And I wasn't too much woman for him to handle, he handled me pretty easily. Not just that time, whenever he wanted to. There's a reason for young nurses, for old doctors to f***. Old doctors love f****** young nurses and tearing them a new a******.

Apr 24

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