I sometimes I think Im a failure. Im failing college and have no job. I believe I have ADHD. Im afraid of going outside and being sociable. Im 23 years old and dont know what to do

Apr 25

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  • My advice is to stop focusing on your expectation of what your life should be and start focusing on the actions that will take you where you need to be. Expectations of where you should be at a certain age can be crippling and leave you stagnated. For example, instead of telling yourself that you are failing at college and have no job focus on the act of studying or building your skills to get a job (a Linkedin profile, competitions that would make you stand out in your major, making connections with your professors etc). If you're neurodivergent with little to no access to access to health-care try Cognitive Behavioural Theraphy (look up more online). Even the simple things like pushing yourself to follow a basic routine (wake up at a specific time, read for 10 minutes, light exercise) can make a difference. As a stranger who empathises with your situation, I'm really rooting for your recovery. Best of luck.

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