Pregnant and really worried

Actually pregnant and terrified. I have been married 4 months and I am 4 months along. I stopped taking birth control a month before the wedding as we intended to start a family immediately.
The reason I am terrifies is that I messed up, big time. I had never cheated on my fiance before. A younger guy at work had been flirting with me for a long time. He had a reputation, had been with some other girls in the office who all bragged about the size of his d***. My fiance was quite small and I have never had a large d*** before. Also it made it twice as exciting because he is black.
Three days before the wedding I stayed late in the office and asked the guy to help me with a small project. When I was sure we were alone in the office I led him to the conference room and directly let him know what I wanted. He wasted no time, he was all over me. When we stripped down I was so excited I actually asked him how big he was. He answered a little over 9 inches. I sucked him good and hard then rolled a condom on his amazing d***. I hopped up on the conference table as he grabbed my ankles and put them over his shoulders. I watched and couldn't believe as he pushed inside me. When I felt his b**** slapping my ass I was so full it felt like he had his whole hand inside me. He began rubbing my c*** as he f***** me and i exploded with my first o*****. I was nearly breathless as he pulled me off the table and bent me over face down. As he f***** me I played with myself until i got off again. Then he slammed inside me and announced he was c******. Then the panic set in! I felt his c** hitting my insides. I wiggled and squirmed as he held his c*** inside me. When he finally pulled out I was nearly hysterical. I reached down and I was soaking wet with his c** inside me. It felt like a river dripping out of me. I spun around and looked, there was no condom on his d***. It was laying on the floor beside him. He just looked at me and said "sorry, it felt better without it".
I cried all the way home that night. 6 weeks after the wedding we found out I was pregnant. My husband was thrilled. I am terrified. There is such a big chance the baby might be black.

May 6

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  • My entire family has disowned me. I had an affair with a young black guy. It got serious and I left my husband. I moved in with him. The problem was that he lived in a house with two other black guys. Soon I was being shared by all three of them. I have had two black babies and to be honest I am not sure which of the guys is the specific daddy. It is only a matter of time before I am pregnant again.

  • Darling sorry to hear that your family disowned you, but I have to admit I am a bit jealous.

    Have you had s** with all three at the same time?

    That is my fantasy! But now I am 50. I’m afraid I will never find 3 black men willing to fulfill my dreams

  • I am white and "was" married. He couldn't stand me after I had a black baby so he left and divorced me. I admit that I had the affair and went in with my eyes open. My black boyfriend took the condom off in the middle of passion and at the time I loved it. After I came to my senses it was too late and I was driving home with a p**** full of black c** crying my eyes out. He refused to wear a condom from then on. Now I am single with a black baby.

  • Yes but you are blessed to have enjoyed a black man. I’m a white woman and I would kill for that opportunity

  • Yes, believe me there is nothing better than being stretched out by a BBC. And OMG, it’s so hot watching that huge black c*** enter you and OMG it’s amazing how it feels so incredible inside of you. It feels like he is going to tear you up and then the power of black mens flow is so sexy

  • I had to go through the humiliation of being a white married woman and having a black baby. I had an affair with a black guy, large p**** and I would have done anything for him. At first I was on birth control and insisted on condoms. Eventually he demanded bareback and I gave in. Then one day he refused to f*** me until I handed him my birth control pills. He threw them in the trash. A couple of months later I was pregnant. When I started showing he dumped me.

  • Yes but you are blessed to have enjoyed a black man. I’m a white woman and I would kill for that opportunity

    I would love to have my kitten stretched

  • That's real hot and sure hope you are living in one of the anti abort states 😍

  • Yes, I live in Texas

  • Darling nothing better than getting stretched out by a BBC.

    I’m sure it will not be your last especially if your hubby is small.

  • We went to an island for our honeymoon. While there I took my wife to a nude beach and there were many single black men there. Shortly after we go there two black men came over and sat down right beside us on my wife's side of our blanket. We talked with them for a while and then my wife whispered to me that she would like them to f*** her. I immediately asked them to come to our hotel room and when we got there I took off my wife's bathing suit and told the guys to do her. Both of them did and after they left I f***** her. After we were back from our honeymoon my wife found out that she was pregnant. We wondered right up to our son's birth whether he would be white or black. When our son was born my MIL was there in the birthing room and she saw that our son was indeed black. The only thing that she ever said was that we must have had fun on our honeymoon.

  • Your wife is so lucky to have you for a husband. You are an incredible man.

    So gracious to allow your bride to fulfill her fantasies and those men were so blessed to be a part of the experience.

    I hope you have a way to reach them so your wife can enjoy them again.

    But remember the man who c*** the deepest is likely to be the father

  • Haha - that's what you get for treating black people like some kind of fetish pet!

  • Fake and gay

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