After so many years with a BF I found that I am in love with a GF

I had the same boyfriend since the 10th grade. I went to work after college and he was working at another place. At work I met another first year girl and we became lunch friends and later started hanging out. My apartment complex had a nice pool and she came over to sunbathe with me (in our too small bikinis which showed every nook and cranny). We liked the attention we got from the volleyball players and some of the married men who came out to the pool (let me just say we weren't the only honeys out there, we had competition).

One of those Saturday's there were a couple of stippers at the pool and they had their tops undone and it was a full view when they turned over. Their t*** looked fake to us, but still we got to see t***. We went back to my apartment and I showed her my t*** and let her play with them and kiss them and she took off her top and I played with her t*** and kissed them. We also took off the rest of our bikini, what little there was and we played with our fingers, lips and tongues, We full on 69ed and we both climaxed and laid naked on the bed.

Before we got dressed I told her I thought I was in love with her and she told me the same. We kissed seriously and hugged naked. We got dressed and went out to meet my boyfriend for dinner. We told him about the two strippers and their fake t*** but we kept our little thing to ourselves. I guess we were both still charged up and we went back to my apartment with my boyfriend and we both gave him full on s**. Slipping our tongues up between our legs while he watched.

Over the next months, through the Autumn and Winter months we kept together and we had sleepovers just the two of us and on weekends we let our boyfriend come over and get his fill of both of us. We liked the penetration s** from him and never complained. We had our sleepovers so it was okay with us if he got his pipes cleaned on the weekends.

Everything seemed to be okay, but one day of those many days we had sleepovers we said we really didn't want to share with my boyfriend anymore. We wanted the weekdays and the weekends to ourselves and we wanted to move in together. He was hurt and felt rejected, we suggested he find another girlfriend, we really didn't mind.

Maybe if we hadn't hung out at the pool. Maybe if we hadn't bought those bikinis. Maybe if we hadn't seen those strippers and their t***. Maybe if we hadn't felt the urge to show our t*** off to each other. Maybe if we weren't so attracted to and found that being with her was better than putting up with a man. Maybe? But whatever the reason we found that we wanted to be with each other and not only socially, but live together too. Like a couple, but no man involved.

May 9

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  • Read the King James Bible. It'll help you. You don't really love another girl...we all know this...

  • Leviticus 20:13 NOW!

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