Me and my girlfriend started early

In my early teens I had a friend who's parents were divorced and lived in an apartment complex. She liked coming to my house because I had my own room. She talked a lot about her mother's boyfriends, she has several, and she told me in intimate detail what her mother did. She would go push the door open and sit on the floor and watch her mother and her boyfriend have s**. She got caught several times and sent back to her bed, but she got up and went and sat outside her mother's room and watched.

When she invited me to spend the night, she woke me up and we listened to her mother having s**, we snuck out of her room and she pushed the door open and we sat quietly while the complete s** act was carried out. The next morning the boyfriend surprised us walking out of her mother's room completely naked. It was no surprise then that in my room when we were alone we practiced. She was the boy and she did everything she saw her mother's boyfriends do, the only thing missing was a p**** so we used this 'toy' she had stolen from her mother's bathroom.

She wanted to be a boy real bad but I was happy being a girl. And she used her toy on me. Later on when we were discovered my mother kept asking me how I could do that, how could I let a girl do that with me. She was very disappointed, she would have preferred a boy was in my room. But I wanted to be with her and since she was prohibited coming to my house I went to hers and her mother let us have s** all we wanted. As long as there was no boy. That way we wouldn't get pregnant.

When we were well past high school and I had finished college (she didn't go because they couldn't afford it) she told me that she was thinking of becoming a real boy, have a s** change operation and get a p****. I told her that if she got a p**** I wouldn't love her and I certainly would not let her have s** with me. The reason I loved her was because she was a real girl and I wanted a real girl to have s** with. She could pretend and make love like a boy, but I did not want her to be a boy. Ever.

I never let her use a strap on either. Any penetration was manual and gentle and we would both be seeing each other eye to eye. As far as I was concerned I could skip the penetration with a toy, but she needed to penetrate me with a toy, even back when we were 13. It's the macho in her. As long as between her legs everything is normal, nothing but girl there, I'm happy.

May 10

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