the boy next door

I have been in love with my neighbour since i was 10. but i might as well have been invisble because he never so much as glanced my way.

i am now 18 and he is 28

We have never talked until a month ago i walked past his house and he asked if i lived next door. when i replied yes he invited me in for a drink because his parents werent home.

i drank alot to cover up for my nerves.
one thing lead to another and we had s**. i was a virgin until that night but he couldnt even tell.

After that he called me over a few times and as always we would have s**.

now he wont talk to me, see me or even call me.

im in such a depressive state that i dont know what to do. a part of me hates him for using me and a part of me still longs for him.

my mother doesnt understand why her once bubbly and cheerful daughter has become the biggest party pooper.

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  • If you like it, I love it!

  • he's still studying to be a pharamacist. all his siblings still live at home and his the middle child. i think its the norm in their family. you dont move out until yur married

  • He is 28 and still lives with his parents,wtf? You can do better; love yourself first. D*** comes a dime a dozen.

  • i just thought that s** was his way of telling me he liked me. He always say he's busy with work

  • Ask him why he is ignoring you
    but tbh he sounds like a bit of a j*** if he used you like that

  • sorry but you brought this on yourself. It was NEVER going to be more than a one night stand, and you Should have realized it.

  • Cheer up, buckeroo! Never let a MAN bring you down.

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