Adult theater

I can’t believe I keep doing this. I didn’t anticipate going to the theater but I happen to be in the area and I couldn’t resist. I usually go in full dress and I’m fully prepared for any sexual demands asked of me. As I entered I passed a rather large young man and an older not so well kept man. When I look back at the young guy he pulls his c*** out of his sweatpants. I didn’t hesitate I went right to my knees. He responded by dropping his sweatpants to the floor. as I put his semi hard c*** in my mouth I was amazed by how it kept growing until it all the way to the entrance of my throat and I was nowhere close to getting it all. I eagerly worked as much of his c*** as I could for sometime when finally he grabbed the back of my head and with a firm thrust of his hips he forced the last four inches of his c*** down my throat. He held me there with my face buried in a mount of sweaty pubic hair. He ground his hips into my face. I could feel his shaft flex in my throat as began feeding me my reward. I started to gag for I g his c** back into my mouth and I pulled away and opened my mouth so he could see his gift. I then immediately went all the way back down on him and sucked his c*** as it slowly withdrew from my mouth as I swallowed every drop.

May 16

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