This short skinny ugly Presbyterian seminary school flunk out

He was a failure. Apparently he wanted to be a Presbyterian minister and he preached his version of Christianity. I grew to hate the little ass hole.

My mother is divorced and remarried and one day this genius said he would never marry a divorced woman. He was definitely not a loss to the women but he thought he was or pretended he thought he was.

Yes the bible says that but he was talking without permission to an atheist, me. I didn't give a crap what he had to say about anything much less morality and religion.

Do any of you religious bigots see yourself in this loser? Foisting you irrational faith on an unwilling listener?

Interacting with a loser like him makes atheists more convinced than ever of the folly and shortcomings of religion. Any denomination especially a faith that says God pre destines everything until you ask them if sin is pre destined. That p***** them off big time and adds to the atheist point of view that God doesn't exist and if he does he is less than worthless.

May 16

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  • Wow, lots of anger in you. Sounds like you should let God into your life!...

  • He can come into my life any time he so desires. Trouble is he hasn't done it.

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