I want to blow my boss

I cant stand working with my boss kenny because he is just such an manly man it drives me crazy ...omg when he sweats i just want to lick his sweaty hairy stomach and hairy back yummy !!!!! and then i cant help but look at the huge buldge in his pants at work ...He must have a huge c***...and then i think about dropping to my knees right in front of Kenny and pulling out his huge hairy sweaty c*** and taking it all the way down my throat untill i gag and he fill my mouth and throat with his massive thick c** !!! Oh and btw i am a guy and i am strait with a wife of 10 years and 2 children ..but there is just something about my boss Kenny that drives me wild and make me wanna be his s** slave c** dumpster for a whole day....I am hoping that one day my dream of sucking Kenny off at work will soon c** true !!!! wish me luck

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  • These f****** f*** give good blow jobs. Wish I was that f*** boss that f**** him up the ass and then gets blown. What a f****** f*****.

  • Well, with regards to the Boss that c*** like a fire hydrant he finally f***** me. I thinks it's obvious but I am a guy. He brought over some 25 year old scotch which is something I've never drank before. I remember what happened but was pretty hammered and he had my ass about 2 hours after coming over to my house. The p**** was really rough but I came twice while he was f****** me. Just to much stimulation with such a large d*** in the ass. Like I said he c*** a lot and I could feel it going in when he was shooting. That was kind of surprising but not as much as when he started to take a leak. Didn't know a dude could p*** with a h****** when he's s*******. I'm in over my head with this fetish stuff but he could make my job h*** if I resist. My ass feels like a 3 car garage. The man is a total pig when it comes to s** and I like it. He shoves my feet up beside my head and shoves the whole damn thing in no matter how much it hurts. He just tells my to shut up you know you like it. It's been a few times and I can take it easier now. Pretty gross when he f**** then wants me to blow him. Didn't think I could ever do that but he does like to take control. I guess I'm just a s** fiend. Can't think about anything else now especially when he glances over at me at work. The p****** in my ass makes me feel a bit oozy but he seems to like it. What a pig he is. Did I mention that he was really hung. I think I'm hooked.

  • I blew my boss but at work. I work on a construction site. He's calls me b**** when no one else is around. He pay me overtime and we stay late. He f*** me good after I blew him. He told me he would fire me if I tell. He's a pig but I like it. Really strong guy. I think he like me but doesnt show it. Gives me job close to him always.

  • Ugbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhui

  • I started blowing my Boss about 3 weeks ago. He c**'s like a fire hydrant even though he's in his early 50's. Last time I counted it was 7 really big squirts before it slowed down. Never seen anything like it. It's really thick stuff to. This guy with two kids and a really beautiful wife could have been making p*** movies. He's just an average looking guy, just a little out of shape but he likes to be in control. He dropped by after work for a beer (I took the blame for a big s**** up of his and really kept him out of trouble) and that's when it started. He was joking around saying he would like to go home and just have the wife blow him after a day like that but she hadn't blown him in over 7 years. I sarcastically said "I suppose you want me to take care of that too?" He said he hadn't thought of it then he grabbed his crotch and said i couldn't handle it. I guess my gaze lingered a little to long on his crotch. He half joloingly said "Come on Dude just take care of this too just this once ." Before I knew it I was doing him and WOW where had he been hiding super fat that thing. Talk about girth! It's also longer then mine and I'm over 7". I didn't think an older guy could be so Horney, c** so much and do it every few days. Must have done him at least ten times now. I know when he says "See you later" that means he will be at my house at 3:300 sharp. Think I will try and give him an extra couple of beers as he said it makes him pretty randy when he drinks beer. Gonna try and get him to f*** me but never taken anything that b***** big. Will repost after I see how it goes. Not worried about my job as it's a strongly unionized place. Did I mention he comes a lot…...

  • f**, leave the poor guy alone

  • You sound kinda manly, can I suck your c***?

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