I envy islamic traditions in europe

I live in west europe. We dont have traditions anymore. Those we have are commercial events. I envy muslim migrants here for their strong traditions. Ramadan isnt like christmas or easter. Their holidays are traditions that bind their community together. I just hope that one day our own european traditions can be recovered. I feel so alienated because other west europeans hate our own culture. Its has very bad impact on my mental health. My therapist has no solutions. I feel lost and estranged in a society thats supposed to be my home. I feel like an alien.

May 21

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  • Islam does not belong in western society. It is barbaric.

  • Islam is right about women

  • Welcome to the WEFs plan! No borders, no personal wealth, you will be a slave and you will be happy or else...

  • Then get in touch with your Christianity or Paganism and join with other whites in defense of your families and homes ..

    Something bad will happen eventually .. they will do even worse than now and you will have to fight to force them out or go extinct ..

  • What do you mean that something bad will happen? Something bad IS happening Right Now! Europe is being systematically Destroyed. You can thank heir Merkel and her band of jolly globalist pirates.. I guarantee you that They will be 1000 miles away from the s*** you will live in.

  • Islam is a backward evil religion that treats its women like slaves. These subhuman scum rape non muslim women because they wear shorts. Islam has no place in a free society. They should be sent back to where they came from. Better still gathered together in one spot and shot.

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