Oh boy.

6 months ago my sister passed away, Last night I hooked up with her husband.
That's not even the problem, The problem is I enjoyed it but more so the things he did and the way he treated me, I would never have guessed first of all that my sister was into that and second that I would have EVER enjoyed it. We were drunk and at his new place, It started and we were in his walk in closet, It got weird at first when he started to wrap a tie around my wrists, I thought "Ok, A little 50 shades play, I can get into that", Nope, I was wrong.
Full on bondage and degradation, I was tied up, He put a ball gag on me and a collar and then literally ripped every article of clothing off me, He walked me to the bedroom door and whispered "When you are done or if it becomes too much pull twice on the leash, I looked at him and the only thought in my mind was (Ummm....My hands are tied behind my back) but I couldn't say anything, He Paraded me around the house in front of the windows, Bent me over the kitchen table and fingered me in front of the patio doors, He made me kneel in the living room on the floor and suck his...Ahem...Large c***, He lifted me up and sat me on the kitchen counter in full view of a lot of windows and knelt in front of me....I made a puddle on the floor (First time), He led me back to the bedroom, Put me on my knees and pushed my head and shoulders down and made me...Oh gawd...Made me squirt like that, Like no kidding I sprayed, He spanked me, fingered me, Stuck things in the hole that has always been a no-go zone.
He took my gag off and sat in front of me, Lifted my head and slid under my mouth and the only way I can describe it is that he face f***** me, Holding my pony tail he f***** my mouth hard, I still don't know how I didn't puke or how it even got into my throat but he held my head down as tears streamed down my cheeks onto his thighs, He came in my throat and then pulled out, What a weird sensation. He slid out from under me and then untied my hands, Rolled me onto my back and lifted my legs, Made me hold my own legs while he licked and fingered both holes and then he surprised me by whispering "Where am I going to f*** you?", No kidding I was scared, I was so scared but I managed to say "In my ass", He said "Wrong", I felt relief until he said "The answer...Your only answer from now on is...Where ever you want", I nodded and he said "Where am I going to f*** you?", I said "Where ever you want", He pulled my plug out and held my ankles up telling me to rub my c*** so I did as he shoved his d*** in my ass, I said "It hurts", He stopped and said Where is my d***, I said "In my ass", He said "that's right, Because I own you now", I don't know if it was the pain or my mind breaking that made me start to cry but I did and he said "Who owns you?", While sobbing I said "You do".
I am bruised, I am sore, Both holes hurt, My throat hurts, I have huge red stripes on my ass and it hurts to sit for multiple reasons, I swear my nipples are twice as long as they were before and ache in a way I can't explain but all I could think about on the way home was getting ice on them, I know for a fact he came in each hole once and in my vag multiple times and for hours f***** me with his second load on my face, My hair is clumped up, I have no idea if his new neighbours seen me and I can't stop thinking about how bad I want to go back over but before I left he said "When are you comig back?", I said "I don't know", He said "Wrong...When I tell you to", I nodded and he closed the door in my face.
Ugh, WTF just happened to me?????????????

May 21

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  • You just had amazing s**.

    I hope you continue to go back. Every woman deserves to have such a lover but few are blessed as you.

  • Can we hang out ill be nice and wont hurt you we both can have fun

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