What's wrong with me.

When I drink I get a strong urge to be an exhibitonist but not in a normal flashing people in the bar sort of way, I want people to "Accidentally" see me and not just me, I have even exposed my husband but he doesn't know that.
The earliest I remember was around 23, I was with my husband and I just had an urge so we were in the back yard and I could see the neighbours son peeking at me in the back yard, I was mowing the lawn in a bikini which I always did back then, Get some chores done and get a tan at the same time, I seldom wore any more than a bikini in the back yard.
Anyway I seen him out of the corner of my eye and stopped the mower, Pretended to be adjusting my bikini and let the top slip down, I felt a rush of electricity run through my body and fumbled with my top then got it all fixed up, Didn't even finish mowing the lawn, I drug my husband in the house, Took off my wet bikini bottoms and went at it. I didn't really do much for a while after that but then one night we were having people over and just my husband and a couple of his friends were still left in the kitchen so I had moved to the living room which was on the other side of a wall and I felt that urge again, I had on a skirt so I took off my underwear, Hid them in the couch cushions and laid down, I positioned myself so if anyone walked by leaving or going to the bathroom they would get a show. Both of my husbands friends used the washroom before he did and both stopped in the hallway where they couldn't be seen and stared as I pretended to be asleep but watched out of the corner of my eye.
I did this so many times over the last 20 ish years that I don't even know how many people have seen my privates, One time I thought I was going to quit after it went too far and I let it happen. My mom has a step son that is 14 years younger than me and when I was about 30 I was at moms, The kids were put to bed and I embelished a little much on red wine, I seen him checking me out constantly and gave him a few little peeks, I made like I was drunker than I was...Or maybe not, I may have been pretty drunk but anyway I went to bed and left my door open just a crack, I was starting to drift off when I seen just a faint light come on from the basement and heard footsteps. I instantly got so wet and my nips got so hard, I had a long T-shirt of my husbands on and made sure to arch my back just enough to show some, I don't know how much was showing but some I am sure.
Anyway I heard my door drag across the carpet as it opened and within minutes I felt a hand on my thigh, It slid up to my hip and I could feel it sliding my shirt with it, The hand slid across my butt cheek and he didn't waste any time, A finger slid between the cheeks and found my wet lips, I heard his zipper and then heard the sounds of him stroking as her slid hi finger up and down my lips and then I decided "Ok, On the count of 10 I need to end this", I counted down and by the time I got to 4 that finger slid inside and I forgot what I was doing. Holding my pillow and trying to take deep breaths while pretending I was asleep as I came o his finger was about the hardest thing I have ever done. I heard him whisper "Oh f***", Probably from how hard I came, I was holding my pillow and my face was burning from embarrassment because I could feel my come running down my ass cheek. I felt him pull his hand away and just when I thought it was over I felt him press his k*** into my wetness and I was like "Oh f***...", I thought for about 10 seconds which was just long enough for him to get b**** deep and make my toes curl before I decided it was too far and took a deep rolling away from him.
He left and nothing like that ever happened again but Lots and lots of other exposure to everyone I possibly could...Men, Women, I get a rush from it all.

May 21

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