He was so in control

I met a man that seemed to have the world in his hands. It seemed that Poroski just willingly did anything he asked. It was amazing and an incredible turn on.

I too could not tell him no. On our first date we were at a rock concert with 15000 other people. It was summer and I wore a halter top shorts and sandels. Durin the concert he put his arms around me in a sexy bear hug and whispered in my ear that when the concert ended he wanted my shorts. Surprised by the request I said OK. When the lights came up I turned to
Look at him. He said nothing but looked at me expecting me to do something.

I took off my shorts right there by our seats. I was wearing cream colored lace bikini panties. They were see through. He took my hand and we walked to his truck with people staring at us. When we got to his truck he stopped by the door and told me he wanted all my clothes. I was so turned on my his confidence and control that I just took off everything and handed it to him. He opened the door and I got in.

On the way home he had me lay on my back With my feet toward the passenger door and open My legs. He continuously fingered me as he drove making me o***** over and over . Each time we passed a semi he would turn on the light and let them watch me o***** . At first I was embarrassed so I would close my eyes but when he saw me do that he had me look the truckers in the eyes as I orgasmed.

That’s how our relationship started. He has has me fo much more and I just can’t say no to him. He is such a turn on

Jun 5

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  • Let her enjoy it folks. Not everyone needs the same routine. I agree it probably won’t last but what the h***… have fun.

  • Great

  • Listen to the comments and find someone better

  • And then he'll ask you to f*** a friend, his boss, or worst. Honey, he's only in for himself. You are so gullible.

  • Oh, he must be such a keeper, honey. He doesn't respect you one bit. It may be a turn on, but it will never last.

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