Feel Helpless

I don’t know what to do. I love my wife but recently she met a friend at work who is a member of BLM and she told my wife she should attend some meetings with her. My wife and I are white her friend is black.

My wife started going and they have a program where you can let a black person live with you for a period of one year to help them get on their feet.

The person chosen was Reggie and he was in between jobs during Covid and lost his home. Things were going good my wife got him a job working from home with her company.

Until after 4 months of him being there, I came home and found them having s**. I left and came back later and told her what I saw.

She cried and apologized. I left for 3 weeks to gather myself and stayed at my parents. When I came home Reggie had moved his things into my bedroom and was now sleeping in my bedroom with my wife.
I asked her why and she said she was hurt and Reggie comforted her.

I can’t evict him due to the program and he didn’t violate the lease terms. My wife won’t tell him to move back into the guest bedroom because she said, “this program is to rebuild trust between whites and blacks and making him move would be like I’m choosing a white Jan over him again.” I said what about us.

She said when the lease is up and he moves out in 4 months then I can come back into our bedroom.
I feel so small and humiliated living here and seeing them hug and kiss and hearing them have s**. I’m her husband and feel like a third wheel. What can I do?? Need help so hurt, devastated, humiliated, she’s right I should have never left for 3 weeks.

Jun 5

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  • H*** nondumb that b****

  • The f*** you can't evict him. This isn't a real post anyway but h*** yes you can easily evict him don't put up with that bullshit. That's what you get for involving yourself with a terrorist group

  • I have been to court twice. He had a lease and I have no legal grounds for eviction. Also when you have a wife that will not cooperate. And if you don’t feel this is a real post then please don’t respond. I wish I wasn’t going through this. Look up eviction requirements in Florida. More relaxed than other states but still can’t evict without a reason that the court deems viable. Even if they don’t pay their rent it takes 90 days to get them out. Unless you are an apartment complex but individuals have even had trouble getting squatters out of their house.

  • Lease will be up in 6 more months thank god.

  • I did so much for this guy and for him to take my wife from me like this is so messed up. My wife isn’t even into black guys she is just trying to be nice and is brainwashed as one of you suggested.

  • I can’t wait until his lease is up.

  • They act as if I am not even here. I mean she cooks for both of us but spends almost all of her time with Reggie. I only see her if he is not home. It’s like she doesn’t want to cheat on her lover with her husband. So hurt.

  • Called the police to get him removed but since he has a lease and my wife told them she wanted him to stay and that they are together I was asked to leave for 24 hours. Unbelievable. It’s my house.

  • This is so hard for me. It hurts so bad

  • Fake race baiting bullshit.

    That - or you are one seriously dumb f***.

  • Race Baiting what a liberal loser. Nobody but a liberal says rave baiting.

  • Reported

  • This totally sucks. I feel like such a third wheel here. She speaks to me but it’s like they are a couple and our marriage doesn’t even matter. I have tried talking sense into her but she’s not listening so hung up on making him feel bad. She’s not even attracted to black men, she’s doing this out of guilt.

  • You have to kick her ass out of your life. Why would you want her? You're a friggin cuckold, throw that c*** to the curb. And her boy, too!
    Things are never going to be the same. Forget about her, she's not worth a nickel. She'll just dump you later for another black dude, if she doesn't leave with Reggie. Dump her now!

  • Thank you. The problem is my wife is on the deed to the house. Reggie has a lease. I have tried to get him legally removed and the courts sided with him.

  • Let your wife have her fun with him. When he moves out you will probably be able to move back into your bedroom. But don't expect your wife to only f*** you. She will continue to want and f*** more black men. Enjoy, a s*** wife is the best.

  • I hope not.

  • Fake and gay

  • Was your Dad that bad? He’s fake and gay? Why tell us about it? I don’t understand.

  • That sounds terrible. Just try to be what she needs and talk some sense into her.

  • I am trying to be there for her but this is so hard. It hurts so bad. I just want things back the way they were. I have several more months of this.

  • Your wife should have Reggie 's baby. Then you are off the hook.

  • No I don’t want that I just want her back.

  • You are f*****.

    My wife is right into one cause after another. She was into women's equality and said men on top during s** was symbolic of male dominance. She also said it was unfair that I'd c** and go soft before she came. So we ended up always having s** with me on my back and having to hold off until she came. That required me to wear 3 condoms and not thrust while she jiggled up and down on my erection. But by the time she came, I'd held off so long that I couldn't c**. So I'd have to wait until the next time. It was all her control. Once I'd paid for the kids to go through private school and paid off the house, she divorced me and because she'd been a stay at home mom (that she wanted so she could do all her b***** causes), the divorce court said she should get the house. So I'm f***** and so are you.

  • I am sorry that happened to you. It’s rough I know. I hope things get better.

  • Thank you so much.

  • So you were cuckholded while also falling to the corrupt BLM narrative? Get the f*** out ASAP.

  • I can’t I love her we were so close I still can’t believe I am in this situation.

  • You're an idiot. Black Lives Matter is a marxist organization and is the most racially dividing organization in this country.

  • I figured that but tried to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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