Glory days.

My BFF forever and I ere drinking last night and she brought up the time she walked in on my husband and I back in college and joined us. We were partying all night and she claims she didn't know he was staying over but she came into my room without knocking and walked in on me giving him head.
She looked over her shoulder and then stepped into the room and closed the door, I was like "uuuhhh, Excuse me", My husband (Then boyfriend) put his hand on my head and pushed me back toward his d***, I was drunk and 20 so I was like "Whatever" and went back to what I was doing, She was being so weird and came over, Sat in my chair and started watching us. My husband stood me up, Stripped what little bit I still had on and we got on the bed, I don't remember at what point she came to the bed but it must have been while we were in sixty nine or maybe I just don't remember the exact moment but anyway I remember when we rolled over and I was on top that she was laying on the bed facing the same direction as me watching me.
I stopped and looked at her and she was wide eyed and nodded her head saying "Geezus Jas that's a huge d***, When you said big I thought you meant...Well...Big, that's massive", We all laughed, Even my husband but then we switched at some point and she was super interested in watching the whole thing, In the early days it was a challenge to get it I at the start but got better as time went on so when I got on top and started sitting on it she was laying right beside him leaning in watching it go in, I laughed and pushed her head away saying "Quit that ya weirdo" and she laughed and came right back, She grabbed his shaft like it was all normal and held it while I slid down ad then let go basically when I sat on her hand and then She watched from in front and from behind and everything.
At one point she said "Holy you guys are frickin hot together", So me and her are like talking the whole way through this and she stands up, and in like .0003 seconds I look at her again and she's buck naked, I was like WTF!!!! how did that even happen so fast, So my husband lays me on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed and she laid sideways by his legs as he lifted mine and started sliding his d*** in me, She said "Oh my gawd, That looks so hot sliding in and out".
So my husband is 6'3", Well built and well hung, I am short and curvy with wide hips, Small waist and small b****, My BFF is a couple inches taller with a slightly thicker build and Ginormous b****. this is back them I am talking, I think at the time she was 21 and had at least DDD's if not E's and they have always and still are magnificent, Like by far the nicest b**** I have ever seen so obviously my husband is taking looks at her because he has ever seen her naked before but I knew he always wondered so then she lifts her one knee and starts rubbing herself and I am thinking (Ok, Here we go, First three way) but my husband got tired of looking back and basically picked me up, Spun me around and plunked me down on the bed beside her.
So he is slowly doing me which he admitted later was his tactic not to come too fast and she is watching us, We are both pretty much watching her and my husband puts my hand on her thigh, I start massaging her thigh and she takes my hand off her high and puts it on his back, He reaches over and cups her b*** and she moves his hand to my b***, We continue on and she is kind of laying beside me half on her side watching us and my husband is postured up so she has a good view and I reach over and cup her b***, My hand looked like a doll hand compared to his holding it and she didn't stop me so I grab her nip and start rolling it in my fingers. She pulls my hand away and says "You're distracting me".
We keep going and do a bit of doggy and then end up with her sitting against the headboard and me on my back with my head about at her waist, I could tell she was starting to get close and I was too, I could tell my husband was right on the verge and I tried to hold out to come at the same time but couldn't, I came and I am always a little bit vocal so...I do that and right after the peak I moan "Come for me baby" because he sometimes waits a little too long and I enjoy it to end within a minute or two of me finishing but then she moans "F*** that's hot" so I say it again and start pinching his nipples which always helps him and she jerks, Groans, Starts shaking and she flops her knees open with one basically laying on my chest and pulls her two fingers out then rubs her c*** and moans "Haaaa....Fuuuuuck....Yeeeeessss" and at the same time my husband pulled out which was usually not allowed but he did and shot his load, OMG, I remember every time he shot I thought (Ok, He has o be done" but he kept shooting and I had my hands under my chin because I knew what he was trying for and he hit my hands multiple times.
So we are all panting and gasping and she looks over at me with her hands shaking and looks at my chest and stomach and says "Holy s*** that's a lot of come" then she moans "oooohhhhh" as she closed her legs and rolled off the bed, I looked over and she left a huge wet spot on my bed and admitted later it was her first but not her last squirt.
She gathered up her clothes, Took a deep breath letting it out and opened the door, Peeked out and bolted across the hall to her room. That was the one and only time we ever did anything together and we still laugh about it.

Jun 8

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