Sexual expressiveness by the young girls in high school

I got married at 16. It wasn't a romance, he was an ex army guy coaching track, and he picked me up at the mall and I got pregnant. He hauled me off in an old pickup truck from Alaska to California.

Married I had another two kids over the following five years and settled into being a housewife. He went back to college on the GI Bill and works in Education. I worry a lot because he is surrounded by young girls. He has an unnatural attraction to these young girls. He is very masculine and exudes macho and girls are attracted to him, they sign up for his classes. In my day, when the teacher got the girl pregnant he married her, but now they go to jail. There have been many close calls in our school district. It's like gravity is throwing these girls at boys and men, you may not want to accept this, but the girls are the aggressors, they hug his neck, leave notes, offer themselves and send pictures.

One girl came to our house and she sat across from him in a short skirt and no panties, she didn't care that I saw her naked you know what. She came to the house to flash him, to show him that she was ready, willing and able. I have to police these girls. We live in a small school district and he has a reputation, it's like if they lose their virginity to him then they are ready for college. Fortunately there have been no pregnancies, other than mine.

I won't tell you what was flashed at him during the days that the school was closed down, lots of cameras pointing at the sweet parts of these girls. In one world it's sort of nice knowing that your husband has that magnetism, it wasn't only me, but on the other, in today's climate it scares me. Like I said it's a small community and the girls with experience talk to the girls waiting to have the experience. Word of mouth advertising.

Today every mother knows to put their girls on birth control in the 8th grade, sexually active is not the right word, it' so passive. Girls target the boys early. The worse thing is being a virgin in high school. And getting their cherry popped by the man is what they brag about.

Jun 12

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