What a sight.

I stayed at my sisters last night after my stagette, My fiance was having his stag same night and we agreed not to meet up or both go home after so he was going home and I was staying at my sisters place, Her kids were all at our moms and her husband was out with my fiance so he was home when we got there and I went downstairs to the spare room, Had a little puking session and heard the shower running upstairs assuming my sister was showering because she had been all sweaty and complaining about it from dancing and we had gotten sprayed with champagne at one point.
I really badly needed a drink of water so after a bit I sneaked upstairs and when I got to the top of the stairs I could see their bedroom door was open a crack and I could hear those old familiar sounds, No weirdos I am not into my sister but I was drunk and curious so I crept up to the door and peeked in, My sister was riding her husbands face, She was like squatted over his face and he was holding her by her butt cheeks ad licking her butt hole, Like tonguing her butt hole.
I was slightly shocked, She always comes off as so vanilla but apparently she has a bit of a wild streak, She was like leaned back against the headboard rubbing herself, He was on his back under her and totally licking her butt, He is 17 years older than me but for a 46 year old not bad to look at, He actually has a REALLY nice d***, It is pretty big but all rough and veiny and I will say I took a couple looks at it. He did lay her down and f*** her after a bit but the initial sight was the one that will stick in my head.
Well anyway, Good for them if they both enjoy that sort of thing.

Jun 13

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  • I'd love to rim my girlfriend but I don't think she'd ever let me.

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