For a time I was the groundkeeper's lover boy

I got out late from my guitar lesson and I missed the 8 o'clock bus and decided to walk home and take a shortcut across the golf course. I took the most familiar route and when I got to the ninth hole I saw these two men having s**. I recognized one of them as one of the groundskeepers the other man I didn't recognize.

I hid behind the promontory and watched as they went all the way, from kissing and oral, to out and out mounting and s**. When they came apart the groundskeeper saw me and we locked eyes for a second before I hid my head.

I was shopping for strings at the guitar store when he 'bumped' into me. By bump I mean he bumped me from behind and pressed me against the counter. He asked me what I was doing and when he left he touched my behind with his hand and told me that he would be waiting for me, same place, same time.

I spent the rest of the day nervous, I ate dinner quickly and returned to my room to try and play guitar. Around 8 I told my parents I was going for a walk to clear my head and walked to golf course and waited. He came up behind me and told me it was going to be delicious.

He did a lot of kissing and oral s** with me, he got his fingers loaded with this liquid he brought (I didn't know about lube at the time) and fixed me up and got behind me and it took a long time, at least it felt like that out in the open, he continued until he finished and asked me if I had enjoyed it.

For the rest of my high school I went to see him, we stopped the open air meetings after he got a spare key made for the equipment shed. I don't think I ever became emotionally attached to him but he became very emotionally attached to me. It was s** that drove me, but to him it was a lot more.

After college and after I got married and worked my way up I took a job at one of the banks in town so my parents could be close to their grandchildren and my wife could stay home and enjoy just being a mother. I joined the golf club, every time I play the ninth hole memories flood back to me, he has long since moved on and all I have is the memories. It was a good time really, I learned a lot about myself. Would I do it again, yes if I was in high school, no having a wife and family.

Jun 21

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