I love you

All the nights we used to sit and talk about the things we loved and hated, just come to me like waves on an ocean. Your voice so beautiful your thoughts so pretty the care we had for each other, the way we understood one another. It was so beautiful so sexy so sweet, so hot so lovely and I used to get the rush so high, we never disconnected the phone, it went on, it was not on a mobile phone but a cable phone, what risks we had to taken to keep the words flowing. Your brother was at home and though we thought we were friends, twenty years passed and now since you are married to Another man, and I see you don’t get the care that you wanted. I now realize we were not having a friendship but I was in love with you, I have had girls whom I have kissed and f*****, but with you it even today is to get dissolved in your love and care and to enjoy every moment that I spend with you.

I love you baby girl, I love your voice the noise you make the sweet words you say that makes my heart go dak dak

Dak dak go baby be happy, I know your husband is a b**** but it’s just that, any snitch put in cage becomes a b****.

My heart feels so light these words came out into the light.

Jun 23

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