One thing led to another,

After school one day my friend and I were at Dairy Queen talking about losing our virginity. Who, when, where, why, how. A guy walked in, he was riding a dirt bike. He wasn't from our school and in a dare I walked over to him and told him my friend and me wanted to get the virginity thing behind us. Dud he want to do it.

He looked at us and said he would. We went to my house because my parents worked late. I went first, on my bed pants down, shirt on. He lowered his pants, and a minute later I wasn't a virgin. !5 minutes later my friend's turn, pants down, shirt on, one minute. We told him he needed to leave and we spent the rest of the afternoon on my bed, quiet, dozing, until my mother came home.

Nine months later we gave birth, 30 hours apart, a boy and a girl. These kids are now 30. We told them they shared a father in their teens to head off a love affair between them. They are brother and sister.

Jun 29

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