Wife gave our friend a BJ after losing at chess

My 32 yr old shapely SoCal wife and I went to a party with friends. My wife has a crush on one of the single guys - gets hot when he wears his tiny tennis shorts, etc. He flirts back.
This night she wore a very low-cut blouse with push-up bra which was the hit of the party.. Wine coolers were flowing.
10 min chess games were being played in the kitchen...with a small crowd watching each.
My wife was challenged by 'tennis shorts' guy to a game while I was in another room talking with friends.
I learned from others: She won the 1st. Lost the second. Lost the 3rd. Now she's mad at herself - because he is so pleased with himself. She demanded one more...he said no, 'you're too easy to beat!"
She is p***** now. She told him that she'd win the next or he could ask for "anything he wanted" from her, smiling mischievously!
He said...."OK, I'll want a BJ. Still want a game?"
She lost.
He led her into his bedroom, as the small crowd followed. He removed his shorts and his undies - laid back on the bed, spread his legs...and told her to "pay up!, Jody!"
My wife gives very very good BJ's, I can tell you. But she also knows how to tease a man and bring him very close to an o*****....then make a tight ring above his b___s around the base of his d___ with her fingers, squeeze and keep him from c******. She did this repeatedly, and had him moaning and squirming on the bed - totally loosing his cool demeanor. Which was her intention. After about 20 mins of teasing him with her mouth and soft hands....she sat back on her heels, gave him one big suck and stroke, pulled off her mouth and let go of his d__k...stood up - and watched as he shot ropes of himself all across his belly.
I was informed finally (no one wanted to leave to come find me !!) and arrived in the room just in time to see her finish with him!
It was pretty cool seeing her take him down a notch.....(several women gave her hi-5's as she walked out of the bedroom!)
and, yeah, we had g r e a t s** when we got home!

Jun 29

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  • My w**** of a wife would do the same.

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