Turns out that my sister had it right all along

We are two sisters, 18 months apart, and two school years apart. We went to an all girl's Catholic School. My sister was aggressive, a sports nut, and a favorite of the Nun that was in charge of physical education. I was the bookworm, loved art, ran around with the other quiet, introverted girls.

One day things were really bad at the house. My sister was in the chair at the head of the table, my father was standing over her screaming, my mother and grandmother were against the wall. My sister had been found with the physical education teacher in a compromising position, head between the legs compromising position. That's when we learned that she was a lesbian.

My sister went to college on an athletic scholarship, to one of those religious schools with nothing but women. She was in heaven, all those girls, so much to choose from. I got letters, phone calls about this girl or that girl. She was in love every week with a different girl. For the summer she invited this one girl, Carla, to come spend a couple of weeks with us. Yes, my parents relented and they had a room to themselves, who knew what was done there because no one would tell me. We have a cousin, a few years older and he hit on Carla and my sister went crazy. Carla wasn't just any girl, she was my sister's girlfriend.

That was my first experience with lesbian jealousy. When it happened and my cousin got Carla in a moment of weakness and Carla lost her virginity my sister went into a depression. How could Carla do that? Well how do women all over the world do that? He got her **, that's how. My sister insisted that he had to do it to her too. She wanted to lose her virginity and if Carla lost her virginity to our cousin, it was only fitting that she lose her virginity to our cousin. Lesbian logic.

They went back to college the next semester having lost their V card. That put them in a class of girl above the listless lesbians. They had taken it from the man and showed that it didn't matter, they were proud of being lesbians, just ask them. Again, lesbian logic.

When Carla came up pregnant the following year it wasn't a surprise to anyone. Our cousin had gone up to the school to check on them, Carla I mean, and he got some of her you know what and she came up pregnant. This meant that she was family now, and she got married with all the trimmings. She had this beautiful little boy that everyone loved and she showed him off because you know no other woman could do that. More lesbian thinking.

Contrary to what you may think, my sister fell in love with the little boy and deeper in love with Carla and she allowed our cousin to have his time with her, penitence for being a lesbian. By then I was headed off to college, a more mixed State institution with an ROTC program and football jocks and guys with big ** who ran the show. Girls fell quickly in their freshman year, V cards torn and dumped in the trash, it happened to everyone even me. But unlike the girls I met at college who were ** chasing heathens I grabbed my roommate one night and told her I had to try, to find out what it was all about. And I stuck my head between her legs and to my surprise I liked it. We changed positions and she did it to me and we agreed that it wasn't all that bad and you couldn't get pregnant.

We were never lesbians, just sexual partners. Girl ** was safe, we got along emotionally and intellectually, we preferred each other's company, and to be frank slipping and sliding around naked with her was better than some troll trying to get to our vhole. No, I had to agree with my sister, once you try love with a girl it's hard to turn down, especially if you become emotionally attached with her. My parents weren't happy with that, but I told them that I would have kids, I promised.

All I have to do is convince my cousin.

Mar 2

Next Confession

His enema

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  • To "My sister had it right all along" poster- I had a 'mild lesbian experience" with a novice nun when i was 14.I had never made my First Holy Communion at the normal age of 7 due to various family reasons,so did it at 14.Mom had to have on operation a few days before,so i was going to be dressed in the required First Communion outfit at the parish.The dress code for all the girls was a short sleeve,poofy knee length communion dress and veil with lace anklets and the white maryjane shoes.The parish considered the communion dresses as extensions of our baptism outfits we were baptized in as babies,so we had to wear a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under our dresses to represent the purity of our baptisms.That sunday morning,dad took me to the nursery where the novice nun was waiting for us.Dad waited outside the nursery door and i took off my clothes and the nun told me to get in the crib.She then babypowdered me then put the plastic pants on me along with the tee shirt.I thought it was a little weird!She then started rubbing my **,pressing the plastic against my ** and **.She asked me how it felt and i told her it felt good,but it was inappropriate! A couple minutes later she stopped and she helped put my dress and veil on along with my anklets and shoes.It was an hour before the mass,so she had me stay in the nursery.Then 20 minutes before mass,she pulled down the plastic pants and fastened the diaper on me,then pulled them back up.I was some what shaken by what had happened and tried to stay away from that nun!

  • Ugh. You realise it's an ** baby right?

  • So nice

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