Chinese Everywhere

You go to southeast asia and all you see are just chinese looking f**** everywhere. Where the f*** are all the brown skinned natives in Thailand? Like the ones you could only see of the Muay Thai fighters. You go to Vietnam and all you see are still just chinese everwhere. I don’t wanna keep hearing about all those migrating history from 1000 years or a century ago s***! But where the f*** are all the true brown natives of these regions??? It’s just clear that all you see is commie manifestation, a clear presence of chinese ignorance taking over all of asia.

Jun 30

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  • It is like in USA where one will see all the pale looking white people .... Do you think it is unusual?

  • Thai ladyboys are smoking hot.

  • The Han are just better apparently

  • And smartest about their colonization. They do so strategically, and softly. Forced assimilation was the fate of the Manchus and the Uyghurs in China. Also economic traps, like they are doing in Africa. If a bunch of men come with guns like the European colonialists like they did in Africa, there is a push back. But if it's soft, slow, economic and purely assimilation, there lies the yearn for validation of a civilized order, the need to repay, and the comfort the society brings. The best sales pitch is to convince the prospect that they in fact want it and need it, for themselves. Not just making them by brute force.

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