Caught husband Watching

When i came home early, i saw me husband with his c*** out watching the girl next door at our bedroom window sunbathing topless he obviously wasn't aware of me, I am not bothered he has done this before i went in the spare room to see, but he was watching her husband lay naked on his stomach, we are open about most of our sexual fantasies, what to think ?

Jul 1

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  • Our neighbors house is 10 feet from our house and their 13 year old daughters bedroom is on the side of the house facing our 15 year old son's bedroom.Their daughter is in puberty and bedwetting because of it.The other night around 9;30,i caught the son with binoculars looking into her bedroom as her mom was putting her bedwetting diapers and plastic pants on her.The son confessed to me that he has been watching the girl for a few months and that it gets him aroused watching her mom diaper her.

  • Perfectly normal

  • If a young boy did not want to watch a young girl without panties I would be concerned. I’d urge your son to befriend the girl.

    I had bed wetting tendencies when I was 12-13 as well. Once I became sexually active that stoped. The o****** build up my muscles and allowed me to better control my bladder.

    You son could have a chance to become a young man and help the neighbor’s daughter in the process

  • Let him f*** her.

  • I thought I was straight until one time I was walking down the street in Greenwich Village and this guy walked by with tight pants on and a beautiful ass. I turned around to look, bewildered. Still have not done anything.

  • Most men check another man out when they see him naked, most wonder what it would be like to take a d*** up the a*** i have experimented with a carrot and it feels good

  • No!

  • No they don't!

  • Your husband, like most guys, would like to try d***.

  • No, they really don't

  • I'm guessing you got fat

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