i am 45. my husband is 60. hes got

i am 45. my husband is 60. hes got prostate cancer. an ill man most of the times. my libido is still very healthy. i love my husband. dont want to abandon him, but i want to have s** with other men. is it wrong

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Not wrong at all

  • That is extremely selfish of you! Your husband has f****** cancer, and yoour worried about getting off????? Too bad he didn't know what kind of person you are BEFORE he married your ass! Do not cheat on him, buy a f****** vibrator. Besides, he can still eat you out right?

  • Suck it up honey. You married him "in sickness and health".

  • yes he needs you right now. my father died of cancer at 60 and my mom helped him all the way

  • yes it would be wrong. You would stomping on his heart right when he needs you the most. Dont let your crotch run your life, the fact that youve even put this online is a major red flag. Get off the net and see if there's any way you can help your dying 'love'. :\\ Weak female.

  • a couple of people here have it right. in sickness and in health. take care of your own needs. if you have the affair you will never forgive yourself, i know.

  • he can't have s** either. think about if the situation was reversed. would you want your man laying down with another woman, while you had a serious illness? or would you want him by your side?

  • Yes, I’d let my partner have s** with someone else, just don’t leave me in the dark, make me part of it!

  • There are so many ways of having alternate s**. The marriage vows did say for better for worse, in sickness and in health. Life does not deal us the cards we may like, but we must play our hand accordingly. It is always a risk when a younger woman falls in love with an older man. When you two were are younger, things were surely going fine, but as age caught with the two of you, you really need to stay by his side. Put youself in his shoes. You got into it together and you must stay in it together. To abandone him is totally wrong. It is not his choice to have gotten prostate cancer and still has needs just as much as you. Go out and have an affair, but will you be able to live with youself later? It will lead to no good. Don't put youself in a position to feel the pain and guilt later. What may look good now can easily hurt you more than you may know. Stand by your man. If you rellay loved him during your marriage, you can still love hiim forever. You will be rewarded if you make the right choice. I have a feeling you know what that choice is. If you really ever loved this man, why would you even consider think about having s** with another man? Think of him, not just you.

  • I usaually would say no, but you do have needs and pleasing yourself, while satisfactory, isn't the same as being intimate with another human being. I think you should think long and hard about it and if you find you could do it and live with the guilt i say go ahead. I would not tell your husband about it though, he has enough to worry about.

  • It´s all aboit the type of relationship you have or had with him......did you ever cheat on him? I´m a 45 male myself and don´t see anything wrong with wanting s**, the question is how he feels. Go about your business, be discreet, don´t make him find out and you will find the inner strength it takes to care for a sick person. You need your life too my dear.

  • no, because i love ual with my uncle, who loved me until she died.

  • better get a vibrator shawty

  • You alreay know if it's wrong. However, your desire will most likely overcome your morals. Be careful, don't make a tough situation into a disaster.


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