it literally terrifies me to think that i have five days left with him. then four days after that, i'll see him graduate. and after that, i'll probably never see him again in person. ever. and i don't think i can take that... but it's too late and too awkard to try to form some form of friendship.

i don't want him to go. i want to know what it would be like to be friends with him; what it would be like to really know him...

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  • ^^^ I'm a girl, and I totally agree.

  • There is ALWAYS time for a BJ. I'm a girl, and there really is no wrong time to give a BJ. Dinner with the parents? Hey, it'll relax you. Graduation? That's what the podium is for, duh. On the phone with Grandma? She can't hear you breathing heavy anyway. Any time is BJ time.

  • Then be honest and let him know how you feel about him maybe he'll stay after that.

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