I am a high school junior, 17 yr old female. I had gotten into a bit of trouble during school and had to serve 3 days of detention after school. on the first day there were 2 other kids in detention with me , and Mr. G. who was my English teacher was the monitor. On the second day it was just me and Mr. G. I was wearing a short skirt that day and i noticed Mr. G had been taking a few peeks at my legs when he thought i didn't see. I asked him if i could use the girls room and i went in and removed my panties . When i came back i made sure to sit with my legs slightly open so he could get a good look. And did he ever, he could barely keep his eyes off me. I teased him by opening and closing my legs on and off giving him a perfect look at my bare p****. I t was driving him crazy. On my third and last day of detention it was just him and I again, so half way through it i asked him if he liked what he saw yesterday and he turned red and acted like he didn;t know what i was talking about. I told him it was ok, and asked if he wanted to see more. he was trembling as i walked up to him and lifted my skirt to let him see my shaved p****. i took his hand and placed it on my crotch. Well it was on from there. He rubbed me till i came and i ended up sucking his c*** and swallowed his c**. For the rest of that year we would find times to get together on and off, and i ended up with an A grade that year.



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  • Nicer if you were 7 then I would want your bald p****

  • We all dream of this so I speak for all men, thank you for giving Mr G something he enjoyed

  • Liar!!!!!!

  • As someone who has offered private English tuition to gr 7 to 9 kids (13 - 15yo's), on a part time basis for a few years, genuinely to earn a living, nothing else, I can only thank you for undoubtably providing Mr G with obvious relief. I am sure that you also fulfilled a lewd fantasy of his (that is shared by most men, any proffession). And finally, the times you guys got dirty would be the highlight of his day - teaching can very often be dull, dreary and a thankless job.

    I am curious if you know of other girls that also shared their t****** and p****** with good ol' Mr G?

  • I believe Mr. G. prepared this post as an expression of his fantasy about the seventeen year old girl who did several detentions with him. While Mr. G's fantasy life certainly is degrading and morally reprehensible, it is blatantly criminal that such a poor writer is allowed to teach English.

  • Did you get what you wanted?

  • Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
    Well can you put your hands on your head, oh no!
    you creamed yourself.

    Look we all wish we were 17yo girls in short skirts but lets face it we're not. We are grey haired men.

  • Lol

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