Neighborly love

My wife passed away three years ago. We were married over twenty years and we had the perfect life. Great jobs , big house , excellent freinds and neighbors and one son who is now away at college. After a couple of years being alone in our big house I felt it was time for a change . I transferred my job to Denver , bought a condo in a trendy downtown neighborhood and got on with a new life. I am now fifty years old and single taking baby steps into the dating world. I am very fit , tall and muscular. If it wasn't for my grey hair you would think that I was in my late thirties. I've dated a few times but nothing serious. I've had that life and I'm enjoying my freedom for now. The few women I've dated cannot hold a candle to my neighbor Meagan. I'm am completely obsessed with her. She is so beautiful , sexy , smart and funny. We have such great chemistry . Being with her is so comfortable and the attraction between us is palpable. She is quite a bit younger than I but she finds my maturity , confidence, gentleness and good character attractive. So what's the problem you ask? You got it , she's married. She's married to a complete j*** who does not appreciate her like she deserves to be. They got married young because she was pregnant . Part of her loves him but she is tired of his immaturity and general stupidity. Her daughter is almost three and I love spending time with her and she loves me. I'm not sure I would want an instant family situation because as I said , I've been there and done that. Her husband is away a lot on buisness so seeing Meagan is easy. I've never tried to seduce her but I j*** off to the thought of her young body at least once a week. Meagan is blonde and blue eyed. Smokey eyes that I could get lost in. Tight young body , althletic , nice full b****** , full pouty lips , incredible ass , sexy legs and feet. The complete package. One Friday night Meagan knocked on my door. She must have heard me coming back from the gym because I had just taken off my shirt when I answered the door. She asked what I was doing and I told her that I was going to take a shower and head out for a bite. She said she had nothing to do , the baby was at her moms and hubby was gone for the week. I told her she could go with me and I invited her in to wait for me to shower and change. When She came in and I went to shut the door we collided into each other. She smelled so amazing. Her firm body pressed against mine for just a second but it felt so good. We laughed as I closed the door . I knew you were in great shape but I didn't realize how hard your body was. She said with a smile. I stood there shirtless and sweaty unable to speak. She hesitated for a moment then started walking around the living room trying to forget what she had just said. I took a deep breath fighting the urge to say something back. I'll just go shower , have a seat, I said nervously. In my heart I wanted to just a take shower , get dressed and go but my d*** was thinking for me. I went into my bedroom and left the door open. Where Meagan was sitting she could see right into my bedroom. I turned the light in the bathroom on and left my bedroom light of. The blinds were open so the setting sun cast a faint light which siloetted my body. I stood in the bathroom doorway and took off my clothes . She could see me but not all of the fine details. I stood naked for a good ten seconds , just long enough for her to get the idea. I got in the shower which is all frosted glass so she could see me. I did my best to take a long shower hoping she was receiving all of my message and hoping she would just jump in with me. After about 15 minutes I gave up and turned off the water. I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped out of the shower. I decided to take it up a notch. Still wet with only a towel on I crossed into the living room and toward the kitchen. Her eyes were all over me. I stood there and smiled and said , have you seen my phone? I wanted to call the restaurant before it got to crowded. She smiled back , her smoky eyes Inflamed. Maybe we could just order in? Maybe watch a movie or something. She purred. I would like to do something with you. I said wickedly. I couldn't believe I said that. She got up form the couch and stood in front me. Water dripped onto the floor from my body. We stood there just staring into each other's eyes knowing that what we were thinking was wrong but neither of us cared. Before I could think of anything our lips rushed to kiss . Like two powerful magnets compelled to join our mouths slid together so softly. Her hot tounge swirled inside my mouth as mine tried to keep up. Our arms locked in an intense embrace and our hands ran all over each other's bodies. After only a few moments we were breathing heavily and my c*** was rising to the occasion under my towel. Her hands were quick to tear off my towel and my now rock hard c*** was pressing into her hips. Lost in the moment she quickly sank to her knees . Her mouth engulfed my thick long , c*** entirely . Her head bobbed in and out rapidly as her tounge swirled around my c******* , touching all the right places. My head was titled back in ecastasy as she pleased my throbbing c***. This was what I had fantized about of so long. I grabbed by the shoulders and lifted her up. I swept her into my strong arms and carried her to my bed. I laid her down forcefully and began to help her strip. We were moving so fast neither taking the time to think. We both had surrendered to l*** , no longer concerned about anything. Time had stopped and the world faded away. There she was , Meagan , laying on my bed naked. Her perfect young body trembled before me as she wilingly gave herself to me. I began by kissing her perfect feet. I slowly sucked each toe and then kissed my way up her legs. I quickly arrived at her Manicured Pusssy. I then spent for what seemed an eternity licking every fold of her p****. Hitting all the right spots and sucking her engorged c*** until she grabbed the back of my head and screamed through her first o******. Her body shuddered and twitched uncomtrolably. Breathlessly she asked me to f*** her. My thick , long c*** was harder than it had ever been. I crawled on top of her and as we kissed deeply I slid my throbbing c*** into her willing p****. It was so tight. Despite her being incredibly wet , her Pusssy was tight and smooth. I slowly pumped into her as she gasped and moaned. Neither of us caring i was bareback. I propped myself above her body and pumped into her until my entire length was hitting her cervix. She moaned loudly , our bodies alive , every nerve ending tingling as we f***** like animals. Her legs were wrapped around me as my c*** became a piston out of control. She shuddered through another intense o****** as she spurred me on. Without warning my c*** spasomed . I erupted inside her like a volcano. One long spurt of hot s**** filled her womb . She gasped , our eyes locked as my o****** over took me. I continued f****** her as another spurt of s**** entered her , then another. My body was out of control as multiple o******* rocked my body and then another one hit her. Our bodies twitched uncomtrolably in unison as wave after wave of ecasity took into another dimension of pleasure. As I laid on top of her , both of us out of breath I could still feel s**** streaming out of me and into her. We just held each other lost in our own world. She whispered , I could feel your hot c** inside of me deeply. I've never felt that before. We both knew she wasn't on the pill and we took no time for protection. We decided that we didn't care. She spent the whole weekend with me and we never left my condo. I lost count how many we f***** how many time she came and how many times she swallowed my c**. She did everything to fulfill my needs and I gave her unlimited pleasure. Fast forward a year later. Meagan is now my wife , her loser husband gone. Her daughter and our new baby get along great. I guess you can have the perfect life more than once I your lifetime.

Oct 3, 2016

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  • It was like a poetry volcano.

  • Good on you for finding love and never let it go stale.

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