Feeling Alone

I have no friends. My boyfriend has made me cut them all out, yet he is surrounded by friends. He goes out nightly and leaves me at home to listen out for our two year old. I love spending time with my daughter, but I desperately want friends that I can talk to. I feel so alone and unwanted.

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  • Nice going. And of course you just HAD to have a baby with this tool. Have fun messing up her life as well as yours!

  • I control my wife. You are being controlled

  • Yeah, just like the other comments. break up with him.

  • Your bf is a controlling d***. Don't ever marry this guy. Find someone who appreciates you and your entire well-being.

  • Break up with this guy. He's controlling. Get out while you can. Your daughter is depending on you.

  • Leave his ass before it's too late

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