Co worker surprise

I am 20 and work for a temp agency. A few weeks ago I was sent to a law firm to fill in for a girl on maternity leave. I file and do research with one other girl may age who works there full time.
We quickly became friends but I noticed she was very secretive about her life outside of work. She always went straight home after work and declined offers to hang out. Well from work records I knew her address. One Saturday I stopped by unannounced. It was a big house but I was more surprised than she was. She answered the door and kept it cracked enough to talk to me but she hid behind the door. She acted like she didn't want to let me in. Finally she did invite me in. She was dressed in a small t-shirt and was tugging at it to pull it down and cover herself. She had nothing on underneath. She tried to direct me to the kitchen but I heard numerous voices and a TV in the living room. She started at the floor like she was ashamed as she led me in. The t-shirt was definitely not covering anything and I admit she had a nice butt (LOL).
There were five black guys in the living room smoking put, drinking and watching TV. All of them were dressed in in baggy shorts or boxers and nothing else. I was very uncomfortable and left quickly.
The next day at work was tense. Finally I asked what the deal was. She told me she left home at 18 and moved in with her boyfriend (a black guy). He had room mates living in the house and soon she was having s** with them as well. Plus their friends that stop by. She was very embarrassed. Then she told me that the girl on maternity leave got pregnant when she started hanging out at their house and any of the guys could be the father.
After she admitted all of this to me and I didn't shun her she started hinting that I should stop by again. I am not in any way racist and would consider having s** with a black guy but OMG! Multiple guys???
I don't know what to do, I don't want to hurt her feelings but I don't want to have group s** with a bunch of strange black men.

23 days

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  • Go for it and enjoy while you can. You don't have to sleep with all, but start with one and who knows, you may enjoy it.

  • Run far away.

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