I think i might have cancer but i am to afraid to go get checked to get it fixed because what will i do if it is?

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  • Oh, and here's a YouTube link for you, which might drive home the point that no advice will help, only getting testing done. And it might hit home with you, because I get the feeling that you're somewhat younger than I am. And I'm only 25.

  • 1st commenter here. Would you like to know the harm? I am currently in remission after treatment for stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The very same breast cancer that took my mother's life when she was 4 years older than I am right now. Cancer is not a joke, for someone to sit here and say they think they have it, but they're too afraid to get tested. Give me a break.

    Either go get some tests done, or don't. There is no other helpful advice that anyone can give you. No one can sit here and say you do have cancer, or that you don't and you shouldn't worry. And if you're not going to go get tests done, then you need to be okay with that. Not complain to anyone who will listen how cowardly you are. There isn't anything else anyone can tell you.

    For what it's worth, I hope you don't have cancer. I hope no one you ever love ever gets cancer. I hope that 'chemotherapy,' 'radiation,' and 'metastasized' are words you only hear about when someone's hitting you up for a charitable donation. But you need to understand that for so many people, those very words are now the center of their lives, and of the lives of their loved ones. The word "cancer" has ruined more lives than you can imagine, and it's not something to be taken lightly.

    So i apologize if I didn't come on here and gush about how bad I feel for you, and offer up half-assed advice. Because there's nothing else to say other than go get tests done, or don't. Best of luck to you.

  • and i am sorry that i even came here for help it says come her for ADVICE not to get yelled at for your problems and by the way i don't want sympathy and i am sorry if i affended you with my problems i wont come back here ever again

  • FYI i am so not doing this for attention so whatever and i just needed someone who was kind to help obvi thats not you

  • Oh, stop being dramatic. I hate to f***** burst your bubble, but you can't possibly just "think" you have cancer. Stop crying sick to get attention. There are people in this world with REAL cancer who deserve sympathy.

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