Men fine with women until the person is trans

I dont think men are fine with trans men being seen as men however they just tolerate it. No one though is telling men to move over like women are being told. They (men) hate "trans women are women" only because they dont want to be duped on a date feeling they were lied to and couldnt tell the difference between a trans woman and a real woman. It is all a big mess. I feel this world wants to push fault and mess on women because men don't think their superior selves should be lowered in any way. Society is tiring.

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  • It's dangerous for a man to pass himself off as a woman without it being discussed. If a man takes a guy in a dress back to his place, they get naked and his date has a **, he's going to be mad. The guy in the dress puts his safety at risk.

  • Trans Girls are G O L D!
    I hooked up with my first T-girl when I was stationed in Korea. I'm hooked!
    Since coming back to the states, I've used a hookup app that's exclusively for trans hookups.
    T-girls act feminine, wear makeup, dresses, pantyhose and heels. They're fun to take out to nice restaurants and make nice arm candy at events. Most people have no clue my date is a t-girl.
    F-off white b*ches! T-girls are going to take your place as the most desired unicorn!
    Anyone notice the decline of white b*ches these days? Fat, cuss you out if you're nice to them, dress like homeless, leggings and Teva sandals?
    T-girls know how to dress and treat their man.

  • Eh debatable.

  • Trans women who know their place seem to be sexually insatiable and sound like a lot of fun. I'd love to ** around with one. Then there are the trans women or beta liberal clowns who are outraged by everything and need to be castrated or worse. Stop whining you **!

  • Life isn't only sbout ** or politics. Thanks for playing though.

  • There is no such thing as trans women. They are men.

  • I agree but the world wants to change mind over matter. I don't know what kind of outcome they think we'll have. Biology doesn't lie. Their bodies will fight them. They wont ever have a period or feel a new life move with in them.

  • Stop being woke.

  • Let me educate you. There are two "wokes" going on. The first pertains to the ** white America has fashioned and perpetuated against minorities mainly black people. Twisted systems to keep people of color from being seen as equal or treated as equals. Black people have woke up to this hellish system and are done with it.

    The other woke seems to be people who want to stay in the American dream that the country has done no wrong. Slavery is watered down, the bible is the law of the land and that the US is a godfearing Christian nation. IT IS NOT! People running around saying anything alternative is woke are the folks ** up and not allowing people to live as they see fit.

    Woke was never about adhering to conservative mindsets. It was about people raising up and recognizing they are being bamboozled by established entities who feel certain skin colors deserve a better life and better treatment.

    I adjure you to evaluate your self and see whose side your on. Feel free to ask reddit if your right or wrong.

  • I think some men are totally into Trans woman. Especially ones that wear stockings.

  • Speaking personally, I love trans women. They have their own special beauty. Also that bit "extra" is nice especially when underneath some very ** **.

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