You know this, and that's why you are scared.

I can live without you. I am strong enough, smart enough, and talented enough to make my way in this world without you. Furthermore, I am certain that I can raise our son to be one h*** of a better catch than you are. I married you because I thought that we could be better than the stereotypes, better than the generation before us. Frankly, you aren't up for the challenge, you lazy, drunk, unemployed, irresponsible, sorry waste of testosterone. Your mother really did a number on you.
You know this, all of this. It is as true as the sky is blue. You know this and you are scared. The way you handle your fear is syphoning my patience, my love, and my faith in you. I won't let it syphon my Self.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i wish i had the confidence you do....
    -from the dieing on the inside poster

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