I waited for my one true love like I

I waited for my one true love like I thought a good Christian should. Did right, didn't sleep around (even though I had MANY chances)and eventually found a girl and fell in love. She didn't like me back, So I just shook it off, and waited again. At this point it had been 5 years (college years,too-prime, ass getting years...I was a handsome athlete too)
The I found "the one" a girl I had grown up in the orphanages with, who was in college and made it out too. It was all I had waited for. She was beautiful, sweet,and smart.
But she was also a ho, a user, and lead me on just to feel better and for emotional support while she f#cked everyone but me. I lost a couple years to alcohol after that...
I plan on f#cking hookers and as many bithces as I can. I don't believe in true love anymore (at least for myself)and am crazy bitter over what happened. Everytime I love some girl they use and hurt me, so I don't care anymore.
p.s. I'm in seminary to become a minister...

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  • wow. as a believer we all struggle. sexuality is an area that many struggle with. i can see you are really hurt. i'd encourage you to check out your heart. i think once you get past the hurt, you will find a person who genuinely wants to do what's right and wait for who God has for you.

  • See you need to test drive a lot of cars before you buy

  • WTF????? You can't become a minister!

  • It's not a lie,premarital s** has screwed up alot of people

  • Don't you love the lie pounded into you about how you should act? Please PLEASE don't do the same to anyone else. Life is a treasure and you only get one chance. Value it and let yourself experience as much as you can. Try new food. Visit foreign places. Push social limits. If you don't you'll miss all that. If you are content with what you have then fine. But please PLEASE don't pull the shades over anyone else's eyes so they are denied the chance to experience life themselves. Exploration of some things are deemed a sin by some, but how do you know and why is it a sin without trying it and learning from it?

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