Every guy should try this!

As a 35 year old male I decided to explore bi s**. After a couple months of working up to it I decided to let another man f*** me in the ass.
It was amazing! I can't believe I waited this long.
It hurt like h*** at first when he tried to get inside me. I don't know how to describe it other than something like a "key in the lock". When I felt him actually slip inside my ass the pain went away. As he started f****** me it felt so good I was begging him to go harder and faster. Without even touching myself my d*** started getting hard. When I did reach down and grab d*** it only took a couple of strokes and I shot my load all over the floor.
He f***** me for like 15 minutes and the feel of his d*** twitching and the warm c** made it all worth it. Every guy really needs to try this before it is too late. It felt so good.

12 days

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  • Try a Trans-Girl! They're the best!
    I had my first experience with one while stationed in Korea. I was a little shocked at first and hesitant but she was so d*nm HOT & sexy!
    She gave me the best bj I'd ever had. Sucked my b**** too!
    Now I'm back in the states and I only hookup with T-girls.
    There's an app just for T-girl hookups.
    With T-girls, 'no pregnancy scares' lol
    T-girls act feminine, dress like sexy females, wear makeup, spend time with hair and wear pantyhose with heels.
    They know what guys like and look like amazing arm candy. I'd much rather take a t-girl to a nice restaurant than a trashy white b*ch wearing a t-shirt or tunic and leggings with Teva sandals.
    F-off white b*ches. T-girls taking your place!

  • Have you ever let a T-girl f*** you in the ass?

  • Yes.
    I never did while in Korea.
    When I came back to the states, I had a few hookups with the same girl I'd met on the app and she talked me into it.
    Her p**** wasn't big but she could get rock hard while I was pounding her during s**.
    The third time we hooked up, she asked me to give her a bj then talked me into letting her give me a***. We used lube and the sensation was off scale! She lasted a long time too.
    T-girls are GOLD!
    White B*ches! T-girls are taking your place!

  • You little racist f***-I hope your guts get destroyed by tranny d***.

  • You poor beta cuck. Joe Biden has something in his pants to feed you.

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