My girlfriend is almost too friendly

My girlfriend hangs out with some old dudes at her apartment complex but for whatever reason has never mentioned me to them. They're old guys but why wouldn't she had ever mentioned me to them? She's not hiding them from me though, but just over hearing a conversation when she was on the phone with me and he's crushing on her. He's mentioned how she shouldn't be working so much and needs to live life. Maybe I'm just a sourpuss and he has pure intentions but I feel like she's really opening herself up to being propositioned or he'll come onto her. She's so nice that i can see where a guy would think she's interested because she can talk to anyone (she's a hairstylist) she said that she'd shut something like that down but why even put yourself into the possibility of it at all? Maybe I'm overthinking this all but she's a dime and nice so what else is he to think?

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I like getting spanked with his bare hand

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  • He will be ** her soon if they aren't already. Apartments a breeding ground for cheating

  • Multiple actions here. #1 She’s ** testing you while partially thinking herself that’s good by not being involved with them and at the same time they may not meet her hypergamy measure.

    Here’s what you do… Confidently and in a dominant leader ship manner while not being an arrogant ** ask her what it’s about. Keep the question simple. You want get the real truth, but you’re gauging her reaction. She won’t express the full truth. Next, go out and start getting multiple girls numbers and becoming “friends”. Keep your standards low, the point is to make lots of female friends. Matching mirror her behavior. If she doesn’t quit with entertaining and receiving validation from these older men, leave her. She wouldn’t be doing this behavior if she saw you as what she truly wants. She’s partially using you.

  • Last night while on the phone she told the old neighbor guy that her and I are "just friends"... I couldn't believe it. My tongue was in your ** but yeah sure we're "just friends". WTF. She's mad that I'm offended over it. Dismissing me like I'm just some friend

  • You being her boy-toy is temporary. She’s just waiting for the old codger to have the nerve to ** her down before she leaves you; she doesn’t want to be single while she waits.

  • She's probably looking for a bigger **

  • If she's a stylist, she's used to getting hit on by guys all the time. Trust her and be thankful she's a nice person.
    My girlfriend's the same way. She works at a gym and guys hit on her all the time.
    During the lockdown, I joined a gaming tournament and Kelly became friends with an old guy in our apartment complex. Mike's 50, divorced, didn't go to college and works at a factory. Kelly and Mike run together and during the lockdown, the gym closed so Mike hired Kelly to cook and clean his apartment. She still works for him now. She said he's a messy guy and it takes hours to clean his place.

  • Mike is boning her lol

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