Too old?

My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years, In college we had one, Half assed three way. My room mate and still best friend walked in on us and "Helped out", She walked up behind me on my knees and pulled my hair back, Kissed my neck and played with my b**** then when we had s** she knelt up by my head and played with my b**** and me with hers as she talked dirty to my husband (Then boyfriend) and when he finished it was over and she went to bed, Discussing it was off limits...PERIOD. It never happened again and aside form a few playful, Drunk kisses nothing like it happened ever.
Recently our youngest child moved out and went to college, My husband mentioned the other night about "Spicing" things up a bit and when I asked what he meant he brought up that night. Aside from wondering if at 43 I am too old to start doing stuff like that, I don't think I am overly interested in a replay of that night. When I mentioned maybe with another guy then he gets angry so how is it fair that he can want another girl, A friend of mine yet but when I mention another guy he gets mad.
I am not even sure I would ever do it but we already did a thing with a girl so why not do something different if we did anything.


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  • So having sort of a threesome in college is one thing, that is you were not married, but once you did tie the knot, new rules apply. Sure many men say and believe they would like the wife and one of her good looking girlfriends to have a three way, but most of us men fantasize about it more than really expect it to ever happen. Also many men say they want their wife to have s** with another man while they watch, but for me if I was that type of husband, somewhere in my mind I would be worried that he was bigger or better than me in bed and my wife would love having him more than me, or from another perspective if I wanted to precipitate, which to me means I would have a bisexual tendency. You see I can’t understand any male wanting to hold or play with another mans d***!! So my point is, your husband is one of those guys that likes the fantasy more than the act and is mad because he, like me, worries about you being pleased by another man better than him. So he shows anger rather than talk openly about your feelings as well as his. Now if you want to have s** with another man, your husband has to be understanding either way. Good luck!!

  • And no, at 43 you are not too old.

  • Here's the thing about threesomes. You cannot ask your spouse if you can f*** someone of the s** you are attracted to. You can however ask that your spouse f*** someone of the s** they are attracted to.

    So for example, if you are a straight husband who wants a threesome. You can ask your wife to f*** another guy, but you cannot ask your wife if you can f*** another woman. If your wife wants the threesome, than she can ask you to f*** another woman, but she cannot ask if she can f*** another guy.

    Basic rule of thumb. Whoever wants the threesome doesn't get to pick the third person.

  • It probably has more to do with the stigma of any kind of contact between two men as being gay even if its accidental during a threesome, that and some jealousy that you may enjoy the new c*** more than his.

  • Ask him spice up things one time with woman and another time with man. As simple as that.

  • Men are territorial. That’s why. Is it fair? Nope. So, suggest something else.

  • Need not to tell ur husband just keep on fuckking around and make people happy, i would love to take your ass brutally

  • BitchShutTheFuckUp and lay down,open you legs and do as your husband says. Let him plow another sweet pu$$y as you watch and finger yourself,and you WILL eat her sweet pu$$Y when he demands.
    Get back in your place woman.

  • Aww, look at the little incel trying to be fierce. Bless him.

  • He's got a point tho,women should know their place. What's an incel?

  • Involuntary celibate. Otherwise known as huge loser.

  • Ahh, haha!

  • And, shockingly, it looks like there's more than one oozing around here. Lol

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