I like getting spanked with his bare hand

He was going to be my third father. My mother met him at her sister's party. He has a company painting houses. The first thing he said was that he expected us, meaning all of us, to respect him. If not, he held his hand out and motioned that he would swat us. The spanking hurt, it was embarrassing that he had pulled my pants down and he swatted my bare butt with his hand. But it felt good in a different way. I was twelve and that's my first recollection of getting that feeling. I got spanked for answering back to him.

I'm 23 now and he swats my bare butt. I can't keep my legs together no matter how hard I try, he sticks his finger in me and tastes me to see if I'm ripe enough for him. He's an old man, but he gets hard and probes me with his d*** until he's satisfied. I get the same feeling I did when I was 12, exactly the same feeling when he swats my bare behind.

Aug 7

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  • I started get turned on by spankings when I was 16 and my hot step mother would put me over her knee for the paddle. I started getting boners and she knew it so she switched to the strap bent over a chair. I still get boners,

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