Paid for it

Seven times in the past three years I have offered people money to engage in incest for my filming and viewing pleasure. Six times they accepted. It usually cost $1500 but the last cost $5000 and it was a hard negotiation. The one rejection just gave a nervous laugh and politely refused.

These were not "trailer trash" or drunks, but people living in nice neighborhoods with no drug or alcohol problems. I picked them because they were attractive.

Three of them were mother/son, one was aunt/nephew, one was a mother with two sons and a daughter, one was a "nuclear family" of two parents and a son and two daughters. All but the first would have been illegal without incest. The larger families engaged in bisexual behavior without prompting. Follow-up visits showed that all but one of the mother/son pairs continued incest behavior in some form or other afterwards.

I think that most people have no real objection to incest, but they want to blame it on something. As long as there is an excuse or something where they can say "It's not my fault", they'll do it.

By next year I'll have saved up enough to find family number eight.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Can i get copy and get chance to act

  • How can we see your videos ??

  • You should feel [insert feeling] because i believe [insert beliefs] and they apply to every one because i am [insert synonym for ignorant].

  • I second that - how does one get copies of those vidoes?

  • How can we get hose vids?

  • Sounds like the next new hit reality series!

  • If you're looking for a father/daughter couple for your next epic, we might be available.

  • haha, just ask like 1/2 the of the people on this many seem to be already engaging in it.

  • "They are not trailer trash or drunks." They are WORSE!!!
    They are the SCUM of the earth, AS ARE YOU!!!

  • Give it a rest.

  • That is absolutely disgusting. They should be ashamed, as should you.

  • I agree that most MEN would not be opposed to incest if given an excuse, assuming that they have a hot mom/sister/aunt. In the end, it's just s**, and we all like s** with a hot woman - genes don't matter there. I don't think this is necessarily the case with women, though, because what woman wants to take the chance of getting knocked up by a relative? Also, I think the ages are an issue as well - I would say most boys 16 and under would bang their moms just to have s** with anything - hormones are so strong at that age. I bet it would be a lot tougher to find a man in his 20's willing to have s** with his mom. Personally, I don't have a sister, and my mom might be attractive if she lost about 100 pounds, so I've never really thought about it. I guess if I had a hot mom, I would have s** with her.

  • Who doesn't need money in a recession? For $5,000, I think I'd have s** with my mom and let someone watch. Of course, I don't know what mom's price is.

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