I understand that this isn't

I understand that this isn't right...but I was kind of turned on at work a few nights ago, and I'm not in the position to be getting turned on while I'm at work. I'm an emergency room nurse...a male by the way. It was my 2nd night on the job...graveyard shift...I just started when a call came in that the medics were on their way with car accident victims. So we prepped and waited and a second later the medics arrived with 2 girls, both 19, and a 21yo guy. The first thing I noticed was how good these girls looked and thought what a shame they were in an accident. The next thing I know I'm helping to cut all of their clothing off! They were all conscious and coherent and I remember the male patient yelling "is that necessarry?" Throughout all of my training I never had to deal with a female patient where it involves removing her clothes, so I was really nervous. That was always the one thing I've been concerned with because I myself have never been too smooth with the ladies, actually I've never had a girlfriend. I had to insert a catheter in the one girl under supervision from the head nurse...I was sooo nervous I was shaking. So I guess this job will have it's ups and downs, having to deal with the sick and injured and blood and guts all the time, and having the occasional gorgeous female patient naked in front of you. Oh yeah the other good one was the super-hot black girl that showed up early in the morning the other day and said she hurt her back while working out. I was the one that had to give her the shot of muscle relaxer in her butt. It was really funny because at first she didn't want me to administer the shot, she wanted a female nurse to do it...but there wasn't one available so she ended up just letting me give her the shot

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  • Next time somthing lik that happens take out your p**** and giv her a shot

  • Omg! That's actually something I've always wondered about. I'm a girl, and I've had to see male physicians in the past. I was always curious to know what was actually going through their minds while I'm being examined. Thanks, that's pretty disturbing!

  • you're a nurse, while working think with your head not your d***

    you could get somebody killed f****** up and being nervous just because you see a pair of t***

    grow the f*** up

  • si te pones asi, no sirves para el trabajo

  • Professionalism...

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