The death of a child, for those without kids...

The death of a child is like witnessing the most horrific and traumatic event you could possibly imagine and then losing your ability to see, speak, hear or feel. You are left trapped with nothing more than your mind to contemplate, relive, and remember. You cannot process new thoughts, you cannot see beyond your last memory, you cannot hear what others say to try to comfort you, you cannot bring about the words to communicate the totality of pain, loss, love, failure, emptiness, anger, wanting, willingness. You feel a sense of numbness. You exist but nothing more...

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  • It's called grief, drama queen. You truly are a pathetic example of humanity if you can't work that up for anything other than a child. Or are you just using that term as a dog whistle for attention?

  • I can't even imagine how you are feeling. I'm sorry for your loss, but i know that even those words mean nothing. I know that no pain in the world can match to what you are feeling, and there feels like there's no escape to the way you feel...So i think you need to face up to the fact that you won't see your child again, and understand that he/she is in a happier place...goodluck with another tough burden. Once again, i'm sorry

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